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Beyond! Job Board is an ideal solution for webmasters, online publishers, bloggers and anyone dabbling in Internet real estate today. Now that youíve established an online audience, capitalize on your success by offering your users rich and relevant content Ė like a job board powered by Itís a great opportunity to make money doing little more than you do today.

Benefits of a Job Board
Youíve already developed an online audience, and by adding Beyond! Job Board to your site, you can offer them even more content. Your site will become a valuable online destination for visitors to return to again and again. This increases traffic, page views, and the value of your site to current and prospective advertisers Ė which now includes employers.

Your site visitors share common interests and knowledge, which qualifies your audience as a niche market. For example, if you blog about the latest trends in Information Technology, youíve undoubtedly attracted a community of knowledgeable technology professionals. Employers are eager to tap into those segments of the population, and will pay money to advertise job openings on your job board.

And One More, Huge Difference: The Network
Not only is Beyond! Job Board the most advanced and comprehensive solution available on the market today, itís also the only one backed by the largest career network on the web.

The Network consists of thousands of web sites and online communities. Jobs and resumes posted on any of our network sites are available for search by your members, providing instant access to thousands of jobs and millions of resumes. This content will keep your visitors fully-engaged from day one.

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Haven't reached webmaster status? Don't worry, you donít need an existing website to reap the benefits of Beyond! Job Board.

Beyond! Job Board is a versatile and user-friendly application designed with individuals like you in mind. Additionally weíll give you a list of our favorite free resources to learn why and how to promote your job board.

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