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Accounting Coordinator - 1005 Waste Management Portsmouth, VA Today
Payroll Specialist - Accounting... Dunkin and Bush Kirkland, WA Today
Night Auditor - Hospitality /... Courtyard by Marriott Missoula, MT Today
SR. ACCOUNTANT - (Full Time -... Placentia-Linda Hospital Placentia, CA Today
Tax Accountant - Sales Tax Toys 'R' Us, Inc Wayne, NJ Today


Government Accounting
The specialty of managing the financial operations of government agencies. Government accountants work in the public sector for local, state or federal government. They examine the financial records Visit »
The practice of maintaining financial records for accuracy. Bookkeepers, also known as accounts clerks or finance clerks, keep track of a company's financial transactions, including all income and Visit »
Public Accounting
The practice of providing accounting services to businesses and individuals. Public accountants can be employed by companies, but often they work for accounting firms or are self-employed and Visit »

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(uh-koun-ting) (n.)

The practice of helping businesses run finances, keep public records, and pay taxes correctly and on time. The four major fields of accounting are public, management, government and more...

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