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Sales Account Executive UPS Goldsboro, NC 1 Day Ago
Account Executive UPS Baltimore, MD 1 Day Ago
Regional Account Manager Manheim Phoenix, AZ 1 Day Ago
Advertising Specialist Pinnacle Entertainment Baton Rouge, LA 1 Day Ago
Account Executive - Social... Commonwealth Search Group Watertown, MA 1 Day Ago


Media Buying
The specialty of purchasing advertising space on different types of media. Media buyers may purchase advertising space in newspapers or magazines, or time slots on television or radio. Visit »
Creative Direction
The specialty of overseeing the creative aspects of marketing campaigns. Creative directors turn a company's marketing goals into effective designs and strategies. They develop marketing campaigns through their Visit »
Advertising Sales
The practice of selling advertising products and services to clients. Advertising sales representatives work directly with individuals, businesses or government entities to promote their goods or ideas through Visit »

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Account Management

( uh-kount man-ij-muhnt) (n.)

The practice of managing the relationships of advertising agencies and their clients. Advertising account managers, also known as account executives, practice this specialty. They perform many different roles more...

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