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Business Objects... Epic Madison, WI Today
IT Solutions Architect Motorola Solutions SCHAUMBURG, IL Today
Amazon AWS Architect Kelly Services Minneapolis, MN Today
SW Architect/Integration... Bosch Farmington Hills, MI Today
Data Architect/Modeler Kelly Services Twin Cities, MN Today


Landscape Architecture
The specialty of planning and designing land features. Landscape architects design plans for highways, schools, parks, hospitals, airports, recreational facilities, private residences, walkways, flower beds, golf courses, sports Visit »
Architecture Drafting
The practice of creating the technical drawings, plans and blueprints used in construction. Drafters create drafts that show the details of building projects, including the specification of dimensions Visit »
Naval Architecture
The practice of designing the structure proponents of marine vessels. Naval architects work in this specialty, and they are engineers by profession who work specifically in the field Visit »

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General Architecture

(jen-er-uhl ahr-ki-tek-cher) (n.)

The specialty of designing and planning the construction of buildings as ordered by clients. Architects work with engineers, contractors, landscapers and urban planners design building designs and concepts. more...

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