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Graphic Design Part Time... The Art Institutes Houston, TX 1 Day Ago
Intern- Technical Illustrator Aerojet Rocketdyne 1 Day Ago
Technical Illustrator InfoScitex (a wholly owned... Dayton, OH 2 Days Ago
Illustrator - Freelance Lakeshore Learning Materials Carson, CA 2 Days Ago
25M Multimedia Illustrator Army National Guard Nashville, TN 2 Days Ago


The practice of creating images on paper or canvas. Printmakers use a variety of different materials and techniques, and they are responsible for developing creative ideas or new Visit »
The specialty of repairing and cleaning works of art. Art restorers, also known as conservatists, work with a variety of artworks such as paintings, ceramics, sculptures, murals, textiles Visit »
The practice of illustrating cartoons. Cartoonists are artists who convey ideas through a combination of words and pictures. They create drawings that tell stories, instruct people, and offer Visit »

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(il-uh-strey-shuhn) (n.)

The practice of creating drawings for books, magazines and other materials. Illustrators create visual narratives that correlate to the text, and their illustrations can convey a wide range more...

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