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Advance Your Career with Free Online Logistics Classes

Posted By: Alex Kecskes In: Transportation & Logistics

If you’re interested in advancing your career in logistics, one way to help ensure a steady climb up the ladder is through additional knowledge and training. For some busy professionals, especially for those who don’t have the time to attend traditional classroom courses, this can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are alternatives for busy time-strapped professionals—online courses. So where can you find free online logistics courses?

Check out these latest offerings from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and click on their titles to take the courses:


Originally offered to (MIT) grad students as an on-campus course in 2006, this OpenCourseWare (OCW) version gives you free Internet access to the same materials used in the original course. The course covers analysis and planning of transportation systems that use vehicles, aircraft and ships in the delivery of goods and services. Also included are spatial location theory, network analysis, multi-server queuing and random variables. Assignments include six problem sets and ten quizzes on logistics planning. Available materials include a syllabus, course calendar, downloadable lecture notes and diagrams (in PDFs), and math examples used to solve logistics problems. 

This graduate-level course (also available via MIT's OCW system) from 2004 covers domestic and international supply network management systems, third-party logistics suppliers, alternative supply network structures and strategic alliances. Available materials will enable you to complete two short writing assignments related to outsourcing and service guarantee policies. Materials include a syllabus, lecture notes and study notes (in PDFs). 

Originally taught to grad students in 2005, this course covers the basics of designing a supply chain system by analyzing the frameworks used in industry. Also covered are e-commerce, product development and the software tools used in system design. The course challenges students to answer questions about two case studies involving corporate supply chain management. Four optional assignments cover procurement and supply chain configuration. Materials provided include queuing models and lecture notes (in PDF files), as well as a syllabus and calendar for the original course. 

This lecture-discussion course from 2005 covers advanced topics in integrated logistics and supply chain management. The special topics vary from year to year, but you’ll routinely cover such basics as procurement strategies and strategic sourcing, dynamic pricing and revenue management tactics, reducing supply chain risk via supply contracts, strategic outsourcing of supply chain operations, supply chain security, and managing  third party logistics providers.


Staying abreast of the latest developments, techniques and procedures in logistics can help you move ahead in these tough economic times. Free online courses from a respected university can help fill the knowledge gap without spending time and money on traditional university classes. Add your comments and suggestions to the box below.
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i would like to study transport and logistics
Posted by: Morton Q
I am very interested in this class. I did logistics in the Army 19 yrs ago. I am looking forward in taking the classes
Posted by: John Laska
How can I register?Thank you.
Posted by: Steven L
Great course information. Will be completing this soon.
Posted by: Ruel H
The topics in the classes described above are very useful for a logistics professional who wants to upgrade his level of competency in logistics. Very interesting.
Posted by: Mohamed M
Very good Thank you
Posted by: Jozette P
This is great.  Thanks
Posted by: MICHAEL RIX
i could use this
Posted by: Treva G
Awesome way to educate yourself
Posted by: Charles j
Thank you
Posted by: Marilyn Coleman
This article is very helpful.  Thanks.
Posted by: Alex Kecskes
Thanks for all your comments. Best of luck in your careers.
Posted by: ADESOGO O
Very good idea.
Posted by: satvinder  s
this is really helpful. thanks
Posted by: SAEED S
Posted by: ADESOGO O
Good,my comment is that you have given a very good and practical , achievable suggestion and am taking to it as a way out in the process of improving and adding value to my self.
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