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Changing Careers: Which Career Path Should You Take -- Consultant or Corporate Executive?

Posted By: Julie Shenkman In: Changing Careers
Article written by: Paula Asinof

Every time the economy expands or dips, executives who are tired, bored, displaced, or in search of above-market earnings come out of the barn in droves looking for "greener pastures". They frequently assume that their experiences running a "real" company qualify them to provide insight and expertise as a consultant to other companies.

Meanwhile, consultants looking for financial stability have thoughts of going corporate. Consultants are often confident of their abilities to lead organizations. Who could be better qualified than them to run a company from the inside? After all, they have been the guiding hand for many companies strategic, financial and technology direction. They have been trusted counsel for their top executives.

Unfortunately, grazing in the other "greener" pasture is more complicated than it seems on the surface.

What Life as a Consultant is Like

The defining characteristics of the consulting environment are remarkably similar from firm to firm, regardless of whether it is a large global firm or a small local firm. First and foremost, at a senior level, success is based on the generation of sales revenue. Dollars equal power.

As a consultant, engagements are driven by thought leadership and strategy. Your clients typically have a list of problems that need to be solved -- and the list changes frequently. Corporate decision-makers assure that consultants have special access to people and resources. After all, they have already or will shortly write a very large check for their services.

From a delivery perspective, work is often standardized and methodology-based. Engagements have a beginning, an end, and a defined scope. Often little or no responsibility for implementation or outcomes is specified.

But, there are some exceptions. Certain contractual arrangements have shared responsibility for results and that is reflected in the fee. Secondly, the consultant handles implementation of a system or process. However, once it is "done," the consultant still leaves and doesn’t have to live with the consequences. Supervision and personnel responsibility is usually limited to performance on the project by the team members.

Should You Be a Consultant?

* Are you energized by smart people doing interesting work?
* Do you enjoy a continuously shifting landscape of new problems to solve?
* Are you easily bored?
* Do you like providing "advice and counsel" with little responsibility for operational activities or outcomes?
* Is selling fun? Do you like the thrill of the chase?
* Do you enjoy socializing and building a network of contacts?

What Life as a Corporate Executive is Like

In corporations, whether public or private, profitability and shareholder value are the bottom line. For most executives, success is based on contribution to operating results.

Organizational leadership, from vision to planning through execution, drives performance. Decision-making and risk taking, with accountability for choices, is fundamental. Outcomes are everything. Activities are heavily implementation and results driven. Few projects are intellectually stimulating.

Most of the work of the organization is continuous and predominantly operational. Much is policy and procedurally based. There is a broad distribution of people in a corporation, with a tendency to gather around the mean in intelligence, motivation and interest in their work. Comprehensive personnel management is required by line and most staff executives to maximize the contribution of all employees in the company.

Should You Become a Corporate Executive?

* Do you like being on the front lines, directing others, making choices?
* Do you like to see things through to the end?
* Do you gain personal satisfaction from positive, measurable results that you had a significant role in delivering?
* Can you keep focus on the long-term while dealing with tactical and operational concerns?
* Are you willing to stand behind your decisions and be accountable for and part of outcomes with continuing consequences?
* As an insider, can you gain the respect of others for your business acumen?
* Are you energized by motivating and leading groups of people to successful achievement of common goals?
* Do others follow you and support you?

How to Align Yourself with the Career Choice You Make

If you are a consultant and still think you are a candidate for a change to a corporation, consider whether you are most suited for a consulting-like role or for an operating leadership position. Your business acumen, facilitation ability, and communication skills are key skills that will be valuable in a corporate role.

If you are an executive and still want to try your hand at consulting, consider whether you are most suited for a partner (translate that sales) role or for delivery management (translate that project or multiple projects). Your experience of making things work in the real world and your ability to negotiate complex organizations will be helpful in a consulting role.

Remember, both consulting and executive roles have challenges and rewards. Neither is as easy as it looks from the outside, looking in. As long as you find the one that works for you, you will be where the grass is greenest.

Paula Asinof, Career Management Expert and Founder of Yellow Brick Path, accelerates the careers of successful executives and professionals who want to move up or move on to their next career opportunities. Throughout her career, she has helped clients, subordinates, and peers recognize their unique capabilities and position themselves as "A" players. Before, you even think about a career change, go to and let Paula create a customized roadmap just for you.
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Posted by: Chris Park
I have been in Hospitality industry for over 20 years. Hotel and Private Country Clubs are my expertise. Would love to share my experiences.
Posted by: Ivy Aguirre
I'm a three time felon who turned his life around. I have leadership experience, apartment property mgmt. experience, lead maintenance experience (all fields of maintenence) automotive experience, HVAC Installer. My problem is when I tell people about my past, which they need to hear from me, they tend to look the other way.the only capital I have is my tool ( alot of tools) my truck and my word. All I need is a chance to show people my capabilities and they will speak for themselves.Thank You
Posted by: Ronald Wilson
I would like to know more about the way to start a consulting business. I have been a Maintenance Manager and now find my self searching for something else to do. Experience is in Electrical(High Voltage, PLC's , VS and automatic controls and measurement.
Posted by: Tom Maguire
Please refer me to Food & Beverage consulting options
Posted by: kenny morris
Consulting is something I have been away from for quite some time.  Now I find I have more time on my hands and am not employed at present, I have been thinking it might be time to share my aquired knowledge of the sales and management field and share it with others.  Tell me more!
Posted by: James Wilkins
I would like more info on consultant work in the golf industry. I have been in the industry for 10+ years and have developed many ways to overcome common problems that it seems every green grass facility face. Also have implemented some visionary ideas for membership growth, and tournament participation over the years with much success.
Posted by: Elissa Penn
I have been a legal secretary for 25+ years and have been looking for work for over a year. I am very interested in learning more about consulting and what type of consulting would best suit me.
Posted by: Zaffer Mirza
This is wonderful article encouraging people thinking outside the box. I certainly would like to try consulting as my next profession. I have been in the pharmaceutical industry in sales and marketing internationally and domestically for over 20 years. I sincerely believe consulting is my next calling.????
Posted by: Tom cuevas
I would like more information on consultant pertaining to roofing/construction. Thank you.
Posted by: Susan McCarthy
My area of expertise is Human Resources.  I would very much like to explore how I can build a client base by offering my services in Labor Law Compliance, Loss Prevention, Employee Relations, Recordkeeping, Training and Development, etc.
Posted by: Phillip
I would like more information on consulting.
Posted by: Leonel Loiseau
I am interested in providing Consulting Services in the area of: Defined Contribution Administration, Trust Analyses, Reconciliations, Defined Benefits, Systems testing, Implementation, New Business Implementation, Vendor Reconciliations, Payroll Reconciliations, Account Receivable and Payable, Audits and much more. I have over 25 years experience in the Administration of various aspects of DC/401(k) plans and in the management of these plans  
Posted by: Larry B.
I would like more information on consulting.
Posted by: John N
I know someone who consults for the Siemens corporation and this person does quite well and works out of a condo on a laptop.Id be interested in knowing more about consulting.But which type of consulting would suit me is what I wonder.I am openminded toward new opportunities.
Posted by: John S.
Would sincerely appreciate receiving information, and have many years experience in Broadcasting, Aerospace, Cellular systems, Electronics, as well as Medical Electronics and related services.
Posted by: David C.
I am interested in becoming a consultant. Have done some but need to find gigs.  
Posted by: Reginald J.
Nice article. I would like more information on being a consultant myself since I have consulting experience.
Posted by: Christian K.
I am a business and accounting professor interested in consulting as long as there are no start up costs.
Posted by: Linda M.
I am an experience administrative assistant seeking employment and am very willing to work from home and/or in an office setting.  I am detail-oriented, reliable and dependable; I am proficient in Microsoft Office and all of its software.  I am currently commissioned by the State of Massachusetts as a Notary Public. I possess excellent verbal and writing skills.  I am open minded to learning new things.  
Posted by: p
As a medical professional with 15 years experience in the healthcare field, I am interested in suitable and challenging positions.
Posted by: Dale A.
I have a degree BS in Architecture, an Associate in Electrical and 10 hrs short of a BS in Civil structural design. I have been in business for myself for the last 23 years and have a world of knowledge and construction experience. I have been a project manager on a 46 story high rise, a 214,000 sf research hospital, Carter Presidential library, a 16 bay fire house, a 6 story condo project and designed and built more than 50 homes ranging in price from $250k to $1.5M. I think I have the expertise to build just about anything, but the economy put me and my company out of business. If you are in need of someone of my talent please give me a call and lets talk. I am tired of sitting here doing nothing! Sincerely, Dale PS: My wife has a masters in Interior Design and is looking too. We make a great team for a Architect or builder.
Posted by: Charles M.
I have 30 plus years experience in Food Beverage Hospitality and know within 15 minutes of walking into a restaurant what is right and wrong just on a cursory glance. If I spend real time there, especially if allowed in the back of the house, I can really see whats right and wrong. I would be a great consultant, and very much desire to do so, but don't know how to really get started. I also do not know how to get my first few gigs. I am positive in my ability to fix problems, assuming the one who hires me is going to implement the needed adjustments. Having been an employee before and bringing ideas forward I have been liked by MGR.s. There is however ALWAYS some reason, belief or excuse that it just can't be done right at this point in time, and although they are aware, were just going to have to live with this issue a little more, and hopefully muddle through somehow. This is mostly because the MGRs either don't have the needed authority, are afraid of rocking the boat, or their % numbers for the required fix would be unbalanced for a short while. This would then bring the unwanted attentions of their superiors and they would be viewed as either not staying within their parameters,or even though the required fix will cost extra right now, the fact that in the future the problem will have been solved and therefore be more efficient and SAVE the company $ from then on, they just don't want to be viewed as being too smart for their own good or the like etc.  This I have found in virtually every Corp run business I have ever worked  for, whereas Mom and Pop operations who only have to listen to their OWN mind and circumstance inevitably fix the problem very rapidly and move on with the ensuing streamlining in efficiency. In the corp. run ones, even though they KNOW you are right, well, they just can't be brought to do something about it for the reasons listed above. Since I KNOW I can do this and see it through I really would like to know how to get actually started,as my personal finances are of course tight with the way things are in the economy now. Although not afraid to venture the capital, I don't really know how to get off the ground and start to fly. Please tell me, right from square one, what is it I need to do,and I will do it,as I am just busting to put my experience to work for ME as well as the business in question. Thanks for listening,and I hope to hear from you soon!
Posted by: Julayne J.
Hello--my husband and I are interested in hearing about opportunities to work together.  We both have a license in Health and Life insurance.  My husband has a background in accounting and taxes and I have a background in Administration.
Posted by: Ronald M.
May 2011 - Awesome article! Well written and thought provoking. I am a Healthcare Clinician as well as a Healthcare Sales Specialist (Medical Device & Specialty Pharmaceuticals). I have nearly 20 years of military, medical and healthcare experience. Problem is, after 18 months of looking (unsuccessfully), all I keep hearing is.... overqualified.... dynamic, but we decided to go in another direction....stellar background, however.....etc. After awhile, it gets more and more difficult to let the rejections "simply roll off your back like rain". I am beginning to feel stuck and frustrated. I guess at this point I really don't know exactly where the "best place is" to start looking for Professional Consulting jobs, and I'm getting desperate to get back into the workforce.  Finally, is being a Consultant similar to being a Professional/Public Speaker?  Although I remain unemployed, my faith and family keep me going, and I have been able to help countless others with "friendly career advice and guidance". I have been told by those I have helped, and many others, that I would be a great Motivational Speaker on tour, especially for others finding themselves in a "career rut" and looking for their shovel to dig themselves out! One man's vision/journey, when shared, can be another man's answer to prayer and "a soothing balm to their tired and weary soul".Thanks again Paula Asinof for an amazing article. Any additional information you could provide, on Professional Consulting or Public Speaking, would be greatly appreciated. Ronald M. - BS, MA, LLP
Posted by: Kevin k.
Iam consulting everything from marketing to monthly statements. Looking for more clients!
Posted by: Christine
I am really interested in getting a consulting firm off the ground. What do I need to do? I need direction on advertising and developing finished product to post on a site...simply put I need help..................
Posted by: Phillippa
I am interested in consulting but as a Pastoral Consular. Do you handle consulting in that area?
Posted by: Bill M.
I am very interested in consulting. Can I get more info about those opportunities?
Posted by: Nini
I agree with Brian L.We could use a little more information.
Posted by: Jean R.
How common is the requirement of liability insurance for PR consultants?
Posted by: Jean R.
How common is the requirement of liability insurance for PR consultants?
Posted by: Cecil  M.
As a maintenance tech and certified home inspector I would love to start a maintenance consulting business, but I honestly do not know where or how to start. If any one can give me advise or leads I would be very grateful.
Posted by: Cassandra W.
Please send me more information.
Posted by: Matthew N.
I am interested in consulting and executive positions
Posted by: Diane Perry
I would like more info on consulting.  I have thought of this option over the years and am not sure how to approach this.
Posted by: DEEJ
Please continue to send me information on consulting. The article printed really increased my awareness! DJ
Posted by: Joe mooney
Well written article.  I have done consulting for the last 20 years and are searching for new contacts.
Posted by: John Thacker
I am a seasoned, certified food and beverage professional with over 25 years of experience in multi-unit, casino and start-up operations ranging from high volume to quick serve. I am seeking consulting opportunities where my experience and skills can make a difference.
Posted by: Virginia Albert
I am a film major at GSU.  I am also a writer of novels and screenplays.  However, prior to now I was steeped in corporate -- legal -- to be exact as a wordprocessing operator, proofreader, writer.  While at Georgia State, I have worked as a student assistant and volunteer coordinator at the student-run TV station GSTV, i.e., gathering crews for specific shoots, etc., and found that I have an ability to solve problems.  Younger students call me Ms. Ginny; some I've never before seen or met except in terms of including them in email blasts.  Nonetheless, they know who I am.  Often I am placed in the position of advising the young people and have discovered a love for consulting and problem solving.  Apart from my love of the printed page, I know I could transfer this new-found ability elsewhere, and relish the opportunity to do so.
Posted by: Vikram Mehta
I would love to work in a consulting firm
Posted by: Gratis de Bong Jr.
This is interesting and a realistic goal for anyone to achieve. What else is needed, does one have to attend some kind of class to fine tune oneself?
Posted by: Brian Lichterman
I enjoyed reading the article, however, I wish it had gone further by suggesting where someone who wants to share their consultant talents should go to find users who might be interseted.  I think based upon over 28 years of public and private sector land use planning, I would be able to uniquely help a company that needed a fresh new strategic outlook for going into the future.  But how do I find clients?
Posted by: Ida A.
Please send additional information relating to the field of consulting.  Thanks!
Posted by: Jose A.
How can I get started?
Posted by: Debra
I am interested in consulting in my career of experiences in the medical field. Send me the info
Posted by: Lewis W.
I am a BA degree RN with a lot of experience in IHS offices on Indian Reservations.  I have recently been studying forensics and have purchased a forensics black light and attendant materials.  I would like consulting gigs with hospitals, law enforcement, paternity lawyers etc who need a knowledgeable DNA nurse to consult, train and test.  
Posted by: Clifford M.
I am very interested in consulting in my fields of experience, Real Estate and Construction for a total of 50 yrs. how do you get started.
Posted by: Kenneth S.
I have been in the Construction Consulting business over the past 7 years as an Senior Level employee and now owning my own business. There are inherent ups and downs with both scenerios. As an employee, there is the stability factor of a paycheck and paid benifits etc. to which most people have become accoustomed and this is a great perk. The downside is that often you do not get to choose your specific assigments, clients or may be asked to work outside your comfort zone for locations of work. Line managers often make these decisions during client negotiations and salaried consultants are asked to take what is good for the business bottom line and their work is usually absorbed in the Corporate theater. There is no "I" in corporate consulting. Working on the outside offers the benifits of increased earning potential due to lack of corporate overhead, but the stability factor is lost. Consultants need to plan far in advance of current workloads and clients and constantly be aware of the necessity of selling your services to the clients. You are more visible to the client and therefore held to a very high standard of service for the fees you charge the client, and this is a no-excuses position. Performance is your responsiblilty and the success of your business venture depends on the satisfaction of each client, in real time. Be prepared, diligent and always strive to improve the product and services you offer. There is sweet success in knowing you have done a good for the client.      
Posted by: Bill
What is the best way to get started?
Posted by: Bobbie B.
I am in the healthcare industry and find that consulting roles do not always  appreciate your professional background or performance expertise.Basically, get their issues resolved no matter the extreme pressure experienced personally to complete the job.
Posted by: James L G.
I am interested in doing international consulting work. I have a 40 year history of providing and doing aircraft maintenance. Is this something to build on for becoming a consultant in the Aviation field?
Posted by: Mary B-D.
I would like to know more about becoming a consultant-case management etc
Posted by: C Wynn
I would like more information on consulting careers. I have expertise in IT.
Posted by: David
I would like more information on consulting. I have expertise in Oil and Gas Mineral Research. I would like to provide assistance to Law firms involved in litigation of Mineral Royalty Rights or damages from exploration/production companies.
Posted by: donald samuels
How does one become a consultant in ones field?
Posted by: Bruce DSalas
Always great stuff!  
Posted by: Carmen Walters
Tell me more about becoming a consultant in the healthcare industry with a laboratory background
Posted by: Frank Zisa
If I was interested in doing CFO Consulting, can anyone suggest associations for professionals of this type to belong to?
Posted by: Mosab Abuizhery
If you desire to become a consultant, any position needs research, prior to accepting any offer or engagement make certain you have signed contractual agreements prior to giving out information to anyone! TRUST NO ONE, even written emails are not an agreement, especially from an international entity.
Posted by: John Sorensen
This subject & discussion that follows, indicates need for growth and guidance in related areas. Years ago, I consulted on the only true satellite cellular communications system in the world, and when no firm stepped up to manage the development it was acquired by the U.S. military services. Later, I consulted on the intricate electronics sequentially installed on most, if not all, of the 700 series passenger aircraft flying today. There must be somewhere that can use my rather extensive experience, but I have yet to find any.
Posted by: john chappelle
I would like more info on consulting in the construction industry. I have more than 30 years experience as a commercial General Contractor.
Posted by: Darla Hoffer
I have been an entrepreneur,  business owner and technical sales/recruiting for many years. I would like more information on consulting.
Posted by: William Whitaker
I have been in the electrical field over 36-years and I have been unemployed for over 17-months. I have owned an electrical company for 19-years and employed about 50 employees. I am willing to work doing electrical consulting as Project Manager or Estimator. I am am proficient in word, excel and accubid estimating software. I worked for one company that did over 120M a year as estimator and project manager. I would like more information on consulting in my career field. Please help!
Posted by: Michael Sopher
I very much like this concept! I have been brokering commodity Lumber and Building materials for over 25 years. Throughout my career due to my vast knowledge of Lumber, Building materials, and the Transportation, my customers have depended heavily on me to give them advice as to when to buy, what material is best, or better suited for a particular application, etc. I have recently done some consulting for an Investment firm and find this very rewarding. I enjoy this type of work and would love to do this full time.
Posted by: Chuck Wolffis
I have 35 years of Human Resources experience and am currently unemployed as a result of plant closure.  I am very interested in looking at the opportunities in consulting.  
Posted by: Vernon D. Hill
I'm a laid off construction laborer and started my own business a year ago. Building maintenance and Constrution services. I've earned my certification of completion in construction management. Also now looking to earn my AA dergree in the same thing.  I've also done a few bids and proposals on my own.  Now my goal with the help of the new economy, is making me consider free lance work, like an owners rep, or Contractual work in management in construction. Can I get some advice on that? Thank you.
Posted by: Patricia Keating
I am very interested in learning more about becoming a consultant.  With my extensive background in retail as a Senior Buyer, DMM, and business owner I have a lot to offer.
Posted by: Adrian F.
Great article!!! I work in the Marine Engineering field as an Electrical Engineer. My home is in metro Atlanta and I'm currently working in the metro Washington, D.C. area.  I would like more information on consulting in my career field.
Posted by: Robert
Hi, I would like to get more information about consulting business.Thanks
Posted by: Rod B.
I am very interested in the consulting field.  I enjoy analyzing and being able to advise people on what to do. Please, if I may, send me more information.
Posted by: Oscar B.
I have over 13 years in the immigration field.  i am available to do consulting.
Posted by: Berlinda
I would like to get more information about how can I go about starting my own business.
Posted by: Paul L.
I would like more information about consulting opportunities within the oil & gas industry for safety and environmental professions.  Thank you.
Posted by: Georgia
how about some info on RFP's?
Posted by: Roni M.
I would like to get more information on consulting opportunities.
Posted by: Ernest Bille
Would like more information on consulting opportunities and firms seeking experienced managers.
Posted by: bill t.
I would also like to find out more about the process to secure a consultant task
Posted by: Bharat
Your article is truly inspirational, I had been self-employed before; consulting is definitely a good outlet.
Posted by: Thomas S.
How do I get started and make money at it? Are there companies that I can start with and branch out on my own later?
Posted by: C. Clark
I am more interested in becoming a consultant; it is my passion, and it is what I am pursuing in school.
Posted by: Sheila A.
I am currently a Corp. Executive and would relish having the next 20 years on the other side of the pasture.. greener or not.. I'm up for a new challenge. any info? thx!
Posted by: Barbara
I would appreciate some feed back on consulting for medical billing. There was a lot of comments on sales and marketing
Posted by: Austin L.
With over 30 yrs. of experience, I bring a depth of experience to any consulting position that is invaluable. It is difficult to obtain full time employment, so consulting is a great outlet for an energetic 60 yr. old.
Posted by: Peter P.
I have over 15 years experience of Project Management in Electrical Construction from project proposal, start up and finishing including commissioning and maintenance after. I have been working in the industry, now I just want to provide my knowledge to start my own Project Management Consultant Business.  Please let me know how I should start in doing this business , any advice and suggesting would be greatly appreciated.  thank you, Peter.
Posted by: bob w.
Good articles. I'd like to see more info about consulting assignments. Thanks
Posted by: David H.
I am considering consultanting in the pest control and landscape industry as well as life coach to those that need assistance with making decisions with their lifestyle. If you have information that would assist me please email to me.
Posted by: R. A. Miller
I would like to receive more information on consulting opportunities. Being on the verge of becoming an elder citizen, this may be an excellent source of income.
Posted by: Nicholas L.
I am looking for a Senior Level Consultant position in Sacramento, CA.
Posted by: David B.
I am very much interested in consulting in the construction industry.  I would like to get more information.
Posted by: B Moore
I would like more information about being a consultant in the machine design and electrical fields.
Posted by: Ron Boroniec
I would like more information about consulting.
Posted by: wade henson
After 30 years in corporate aeronautics and data storage I'm out on the street; consulting seems like a viable option at this point; if you are providing more info like the others are requesting I would like to be on that list as well thank you
Posted by: Elvis
please send me more information you have for financial institution, manufacturing company, construction company consultant. I had been in business for years as a controller in construction and industry for 15 years.
Posted by: Joe
Please send any info. you have for restaurant consulting/coaching. I've been in the business for years as a district restaurant manager, and would like to get into coaching, and only working with challenged, existing operations, or those who simply would like to benefit from my experience...thanks!!
Posted by: Michael
If you desire to become a consultant, any position needs research, prior to accepting any offer or engagement make certain you have signed contractual agreements prior to giving out information to anyone! TRUST NO ONE, even written emails are not an agreement, especially from an international entity.
Posted by: Carole Banks
I would appreciate more information in the area of Health care Risk Management Consultant work.  Please send any information or links regarding this endeavor.  I am well qualified and licensed.
Posted by: John Gardner
Thanks for the read. I oddly enough have thought about political consulting. Since 2004 I have worked on US Senate, US House, County Judge and State House races. With good results.  Currently I am running for County Commissioner and am having to turn down advising campaigns do to it interfering with my own bid for County Commissioner. What advice do you have for me?
Posted by: Peter M.
I'd be interested in more information regarding consulting in the area of construction administration for architects,  builders and/or owners.  I've amassed over forty years hands on experience in that area.  I'd be especially interested in per diem consulting rather than full time employment for one entity.  Please send any direction you can regarding that endeavor.Thank you!
Posted by: Neil
need help in getting started in Metro Phoenix areaThanks,Neil
Posted by: Liubov
I am very experienced in consulting, but I would like to learn more this kind of information.     
Posted by: Neil
are there possibilities in the mechanical design checker realmNeil
Posted by: mark jones
I am a successful IT Engineer. I have lead positions in Systems, Networking and Acitive directory Architecture in Africa, Kuwait and for the U.S Airforce in Vulnerability management to name just a few.  I would be intersting in Consulting CONUS and INternational CUstomers in helping move their communicAtions firther into the future as smooth as possible. Let me know If can help.
Posted by: Robert Collyer
I have always considered myself somewhat of an internal consultant since that is the type of business human resources is.  I am intrigued with the concept of utilizing my vast experience to help small or medium sized companies increase the effectiveness of their HR and administrative functions from the outside.  How do I get information on furthering this career opportunity for myself?
Posted by: Donna Greer
I am a highly experienced and award winning TV producer for news and public affairs.  Looking to consult with businesses on maximizing their marketing and public engagement strategies, as well as web and social media through well-honed messaging and highly produced video applications.
Posted by: JEAN GREMLI
Posted by: Jim Hulton
If I could unearth opportunities in consulting in my discipline (communications/PR), I'd gladly do that. Can't seem to locate any. Consulting is also an area where there are peaks and valleys.Jim Hulton, Communications ProBlue Bell, PA
Posted by: Sheri Jacoby
I am a Director of Reimbursement in Health Care with 22 years experience.  I would like more information on consulting.
Posted by: Kirit Shah
I was working as a consultant and I enjoy that more than anything else. I enjoyed challenges and the accomplishment I received for the customer.
Posted by: Orjense
I am a Facilities Space Planner and would need information on consulting services in the field
Posted by: edith piaf
I am a professor of business and marketing and would like more information on consulting, as long as there are no startup costs or fees.
Posted by: Theresa Okore
Please forward more information on the consulting job opportunities. Iam interested and ready to start working right away.
Posted by: Roger Wheeler
I am interested in viewing more information in this field.  I am in a consultant position now and need to expand myself.
Posted by: Azad Saxena
After attaining a level of expertise and business acumen, it is better to work for yourself than others. Consulting is a viable option for a knowledge worker. One has to work hard for marketing oneself.
Posted by: Tom Borg
Being an independent consultant has many rewards and many challenges. Marketing yourself is key to success. Joint venturing with other professionals who compliment your services can be an excellent  strategy that can help make your success happen.Contact me with your comments or questions at 734-812-0526.
Posted by: Lindsey Becker
I would love to hear more about this opportunity.  The description of the position is exactly what I am looking for and my strengths and qualifications are an exact match.
Posted by: mt & compapny
I am returning to the consulting world after 13 years. My new venture,m.t. & company, is dedicated to providing topmost software application training and computer support. Visit our website and let us know how we can help you.
Posted by: Barbara Cerda
what greater joy of the challenge can there be than to be a Project Manager guru.  To bring order to choas in a support role and consultant.Making a company or individual shine because of your efforts as an SME in any business is amazingly wonderful!
Posted by: Evan A. Held
I've been in the restaurant management business for almost 25 years now, and pulled a couple of consultations here and there, but the ownership always wanted me to stay on to run the place/multiple locations. The deals promised me were too good to be true, and ended up exactly that-untrue.I know my stuff, and am tired of the corperate/franchise game. I want to be able to go into a business, tell them what is wrong/what they are doing wrong, what they need to do to fix it and become profitable again, and leave after they feel comfortable with the solutions and systems that have been implemented to help them. I know that I'd be a very good consultant, I just need to be steered in the right direction.
Posted by: Phaedon Hadjisavvas
what are the available consulting assignments and where??
Posted by: Anthony Okoh
I am pursuing a PhD in "Organization and Management" (I have a bachelor's degree in Economics, a post-graduate degree in Statistics, and an MBA in Applied Management)and I am interested in consulting. What do I have to do to become one?  
Posted by: Rod Graber
Laid off after 25 yrs from corporate level property management now for over a year, I've taken a sales position. How do I find consulting opportunities?
Posted by: Miriam R. Smith
I am interested to start consulting business industry to guide, generate, coordinate, direct company sales account executives to maintain largest annual sales revenue to stay strong competitive market. Sales very important to all company to meet and exceed budget expectations to close all target quotas and new business opportunities for company's financial growth.   
Posted by: juan bossler
how do you start a bussiness with no money and your on public assistance and no one would loan you the financials you need to start on up?
Posted by: Jon Gruett
I have invested the last 27 years in the electronics manufacturing business in both corporate and as a manufacturers rep of robotic equipment for the automated assembly of the electronics. Since I was laid off 20 months ago I have found it very difficult to find the right corporate gig because there aren't any, or so it seems. Employers that are hiring are able to get top drawer talent at a deep discount. There are so many underemployed people out right now and the employers are taking advantage of it. Unfortunately for them, this trend will reverse and they will be looking for people to replace their top people they got for that discount. I have been doing consulting for about three years and it is great!  The only problem is that getting your name out there for companies that are looking for you is the challenge. If anyone has any pointers then let me know. I have a lot of expertise and business education that is just itching to be utilized.
Posted by: Don Mullen
I have started to do some consulting in agri business, including mergers, acquistions and problem solving. I have been involved in the past with some consultants who tend to tell board more what the think the Board wants to hear rather than what the real problems are and what solutions are available to them. I enjoy challenges because that is the opportunity to suggest and make changes for the right reasons, future growth and profitabiltiy.Don
Posted by: Ann
Please provide information on how to start in the position as a consultant. I have 17 years in workers compensation and would like to become a consultant on claims as a nurse.
Posted by: Gaye Dobay
I would like more info on consulting. I have twenty five years experience as an automotive accounting controller and I think my expertise would be something that dealers could use.
Posted by: David E. Dix
I would like to know more about it. Please forward me some information, please!!
Posted by: Nicole Anderson
I would like to receive more research.
Posted by: Clarence Robinson
I am very interested in the consulting field.  I enjoy analyzing and being able to advise people on what to do.
Posted by: Bill F
I have been successful as a corporate executive and a networking consultant. I prefer the consulting role and I would encourage anyone to give it a shot... it can be very lucrative and will give you  freedom from the corporate political rat race... more freedom than you could ever imagine!
Posted by: Vera Sherman
I have been a corporate business manager for many years and love the role of advice, counsel, leadership and support in the business environment. But at this point (over 20 years)and having been unemployed and looking for awhile, I really want to advise, counsel and "move" to the next challenge. How does one get started in the independent consulting buzz???
Posted by: John Longtin
I have done some consulting the last three years, but on a hit or miss basis.   I would like to learn more about being more active in the enterprise.
Posted by: Frank Steele
Good article. Please send more information.
Posted by: Tom
I am trying to get into the consulting arena myself, as I feel that I can have a greater impact on an organization without the day-to-day political mess.I have 12 years experience in field marketing, demand generation and effective follow-through techniques.  I would like to hear more about how I can move ahead in a consultative role.Tom
Posted by: Stephanie Perry
I have nine years clerical experience (Medical Records File Clerk) and am somewhat in between jobs. I am currently enrolled at Angley College (a technical college close to home) in their Medical Clinical Lab Assistant program. Are there consulting opportunities for someone in my situation?
Posted by: Vicky Daulton
Great article!
Posted by: jaye grant
I have been on both sides of the coin "corporate & consultant. If you are experienced in your area of expertise and enjoy training,consultant would be a rewarding field. Please make available more information on consulting......a very rewarding field but can be very cut throat!
Posted by: francis greco
thanks really like more info on insurance claim consultant
Posted by: George Yurieff
Proper consulting can only be done when one has the knowledge, the experience, and the resources for the task at hand. But even having all the above, it is still difficult to actually get paid for your work: everyone wants "advice" (consultancy) for free and only the Lawyers seem to be able to get paid upfront.
Posted by: David Martin
Timely article. I've been wanting to start a consulting business, but don't know the first steps to implement my plan. The heavy-truck parts business is a narrow field but that's my expertise.
Posted by: Pat Pascarella
Having 35 years of in automotive dealership management experience I would very much like to continue to apply what I know as much as what I can do. Passing on my "real world" automotive experience in consulting I find very interesting. I also believe that my senior management experience in the auto industry will transfer to many other industries. How do I persue this opportunity?
Posted by: Javier R. Matias
Would like additional information on Construction
Posted by: Christopher Gipson
This is a very good article I have been a restarunt Superintendent for 15 years and was recently laid off i would like more info on consultant work probaly more viable right now than ofice management or field Superintendent with the loss off jobs in construction field.
Posted by: Steven Smith Jr
I have been unemployed for 12 months as a plant/project/boiler engineer. I have 14 years of experience in a power plant and I think that consulting is the way that I should go. What are the steps and guidelines for starting a consulting business?  If you have any info. or guidelines, please share.
Posted by: Clarence Clark
I must say that this [Paula Asinof's Commentary] is the best I've read thus far regarding consultant vs. corporate executive. I am in the middle of a serious job/career search, and so far have wound up helping others to find jobs or even make decisions on relationships, just by giving a few words of advice, or sharing some strategies I've learned. Although I myself am not working, being a consultant is definitely my cup of tea. Thanks Paula, for those words of wisdom and insight.
Posted by: Farid Malik
Very interested in consulting. Good article
Posted by: Lea Fowler
I'd love to become a consultant & have more free time to enjoy my interests while maintaining the level of income I currently have or increasing it.
Posted by: Ralph Finch Jr.
I have done some consulting in the past for Auto Shops with good results. I would like to do this full time as I enjoy the challenge.I would look forward to have a hand in someone's success.
Posted by: Pamela K. Converse
I would love to work in a consulting firm
Posted by: Barbara Clark
I am interested in mental health counseling.  I have an associate's in clinical psychology. Is there anyway I can open a business on that level?If so, please advise.Thank you,Barbara Clark
Posted by: JOE CHANEY
Consulting or teaching which ever you call it would be nice. I do not think I fit as a corporate person, my appearance is not of suit and tie though I have the ability. Suit and tie people in appropiate positions have limited thinking in my opinion.
Posted by: Gregory D.Jackson
I would like to get more information on the consulting business and firms that could use my services.
Posted by: Geoof Walsh
Good article; nicely defined some expectation for both positions.  
Posted by: Richard Follis
In partnership with my past employer we started a consulting company dealing primarily with recruiting and retention issues. Unfortunately, given the economic downturn, I lost my job. As a token, I was given the consulting company. The problem I face is that recruiting and retention issues are currently not at the top of corporate priority lists. I know that when our economy turns, this will once again be a major concern for employers. I am looking for advice on how I can get employers attention now.
Posted by: Olga Skinner
I am a Registered Nurse working as a Home Wellness Consultant.  This job required a short training, only $46.00 investment, provides great satifaction in helping others live and achieve a healthier life-style. It is a geat home-based business opportunity!!! Thanks for the wonderfull article.
Currently working on my Six Sigma Certificate at CCSU in New Britain Conn. I will graduate Nov. 4th 2009. I have to write up the Course Required Project Charter which the President/CEO & CFO have agreed to sign off as the expected saving will result in 7 less chem changes in the Etech Process in the Nameplate Manufacturing process. The firm has stated they want to hire me as their employees are for some reason anamoured with my "Positive and Encouraging Demeanor" That tells me I have that Charisma required to be a Consultant. Any opinions ?
Posted by: Francine Byrd
I would love to get more information about consulting positions.  Bringing sustainability and leadership to medium sized organizations is an exciting prospect.
Posted by: David Pollard
email me about consulting.I would like to check this out as a new career.
Posted by: Nicole
This is a great article! I am starting my own consulting business. From time to time I get fearful and question my decision. This article put my fears to under the bed! I will keep this article in my archives! I would like more information on Merchandise Consulting
Posted by: Jay Young
Would like more information about the consulting business
Posted by: Valerie Reilly
I know nothing about the consulting business, however would love to learn more.  PLease send me more information to
Posted by: Maria Andrews
Yes, I would like to learn more about being a consultan, insolving problems, as a traininer in any ( Bank)Training Tellers and New Accounts Department. as a Home care specialist for Snow Birds. Thank you.  
Posted by: Mary Hammer
I am interested in consulting, I have done this a couple of times in the past 10 years for Human Resouces and Benefits.  How can I put myself out there during this time?
Posted by: Zack Ahladas
Article is great, I have been self-employed before; consulting is definitely a good outlet.
Posted by: Richard Train
I would like more information on becoming a consultant in sales, marketing and customer service organizations. Over the last 17 years I have worked with some of the best sales and marketing organizations in a variety of companies, and been responsible for significant positive growth in operations, sales and business processes. I have always wanted to share what I have learned, and just need some advice.
Posted by: Justin Bestel
I'd be interested in hearing more about being a consultant.Thanks,Justin
Posted by: Kevin Porter
Hello,I was an accounting consultant specializing in setting up accounting and reporting systems and cleaning up financial statements. I enjoyed learning new systems and accounting procedure for different firms, when a recession hit like this one, most consulting gigs dry up. I would suggest that anyone who gets an consulting gig set your self up for financial stability during the dry times.
Posted by: JulianneFrye
I think this is an excellent source of reference
Posted by: Mark Bryant
Having been on both sides of the fence for over 20 years, both have definite pro's and con's but as a Consultant, the politics of the whole organization play a much bigger role in your success vs. as an employee just your own department may.  You also have to be able to be "hired and fired" repeatedly while your clients take the credit...
Posted by: Nancy Gavranovic
Yes I would like more information on being a consultant.
Posted by: Brenda Davenport
Would like more information about becoming a consultant.BD
Posted by: Nicole Pinnock
Hello Nichole,I am more interested in becoming a consultant. If you would, please send more information to my e-mail address.Thank You,Marilyn
Posted by: Ed Harkins
I would like more information about being a consulant, particularly in the Automotive service department field.
Posted by: Lacy Daniel
Please send more information. I am very intrested.
Posted by: Tanya Cole
I would love to receive more insight into being a Consultant as I am currently in job transition.  Is Consultant similar to Professional speaking?  This is really the area that I am very interested in.
Posted by: james purington
How can a person start off into a consultant career?
Posted by: Matthew Bommarito
One important item to consider as a consultant is the marketing responsibilities required to develop the business. Do you have what it takes to do the marketing and then do the "actual consulting" work?
I have spent most of my career running my own business, the last time I looked for a job was in 1983. I am looking for a permanent employment as a consultant or in the corporate environment How do I break the mold?
Posted by: Scott Davis
I have spent the majority of my career in the corporate world of commercial banking but have the skills and experience to be an effective consultant. Please send me more info, thanks.
Posted by: John Hickson
I have been in the Restaurant and Food Service business as a General manger or Executive Chef for over twenty years now. I would like more information on becoming a consultant to the restaurant industry.
Posted by: Frank Webb
I am very interested in a career change, and I need more insite into being a Consultant.
Posted by: James Zweng
I would appreciate receiving additional information on how I can become involved in consulting.I have an extensive backgroung in injection molding of small and large components and assemblies fron concept through production manufacturing.
Posted by: Curtis Todd
Whats the best way to market and sell consulting services?
Posted by: Howard
How do you become a Consultant without a College Degree?
Posted by: Kevin
Very intersting article.  Please send more info
Posted by: Chris Kenney
While projects are sparse, I have made myself available since a long term contractual position ended a couple of years ago. With considerable experience in numerous areas within property and casualty, primarily private passenger automobile, I'm anxious to employ that expertise in order to benefit insurance carriers or other businesses.
Posted by: Christopher Bass
I am a medically retired physician who is still relatively young (40).  I've spent most of my life in school and have a quite a bit of medical and healthcare experience and would like to work as a consultant.  Problem is I don't know where to start and I'm getting desperate to get back into the workforce
Posted by: Wendy Spry
I would like more information about being a consultant in the eveny planner, hospitality area. Thank you, Wendy spry
Posted by: Ella Strapko
I am very interested in becoming a consultant.  Please give me more information.  Thank You.Ella Strapko
Posted by: Jeff Hollander
I would like more information on becoming a consultant in the health care field-Jeff
Posted by: joe garafolo
I have been a consultant in the past, but working for several consulting firms.Pls send any info on being an independent consultant, primarily in the fields of real esate and finance. Thank you. Joe Garafolo
Posted by: Pat Thress
I am very interested in consultant opportunities. Please send further information. Thank you!
Posted by: Steven Waugh
Having worked as a contractor for 25+ years I feel it's time to become a consultant. Can you give me advise on to become a consultat for the US Military (Communications software testing annd QA)
Posted by: Edward Richer
I am very interested in the consultant option and would appreciate any guidence in that direction.  thank you in advance
Posted by: Andrea Taylor
I am very interested in getting started as a consultant. Please give me more information. Thank You.
Posted by: Jeanne Wood
I would like more information about Consulting, particularly in the area of Administrative positions.
Posted by: cheryl
The consultant career path seems to be a rewarding opportunity.  I would like more information about the consultant careers.
Posted by: Tashorna Pabon
I would like more information as to how to get started as an consultant and what industry is most needed for consultants.
Posted by: Daniel Ware
I would be appreciative of further information on consulting as a career.  
Posted by: Jorge Torres
I would like to get more information on consulting positions. Very interested.
Posted by: Steven Susskind
I have played a part in both staff augementation projects and consulting opportunities since '88.MY INDUSTY EXPERTISE HAS RANGED FROM TELECOMMUNICATIONS (AT&T) THROUGH FOOD PRODUCTS (DOLE FOODS).  As a ancilliary team player my expertise had to be broad as to fulfill the requiremens of the client.I recommend that beyond a degree in the field chosen that certifications be addressed; as to compete with larger consulting organizations (such as Deliotte & Touche, KPMG, and others).  Do not rely on Staffing organizations to direct your career opportunity.
Posted by: Cheryl Gama
I have also seen the lack of job opportunities in my area of insurance(Workers Compensation) I have over 17 yrs of experience and think that consulting would be a great choice.  As I can travel with little limitation I would really like more information on this.
Posted by: nicholas milione
Great article. I left corp. to become a consultant. I would not go back.
Posted by: Michael Hadley
I would like to get more information about consulting positions.
Posted by: Bill Christy
I have worked in manufacturing/production for the past 35 years. I have always been a problem solver for each firm I have worked with. After seeing positive results of my leadership; I then always seek other challenges. Does this sound as if I may be on the right track toward consulting? I've been considering starting a consulting business.
Posted by: Maranda
I want an opportunity like this.  I am a very driven person who can be taught anything.  I would like to know more about positions like the ones above.  Thanks
Posted by: John Iwaszkiewicz
I would like more information on consulting
Posted by: Donald Poole
This is a good acticle. I would like more information on tax structure. business plans to address consultant llc corps or S corps required. Also what type of insurance is required for consultants. Where can you can get advise for all of the proper paper work etc.
Posted by: R. Frank Lucas
As a Parts Pricing Analyst for more than 12 years utilizing communication with Top and Middle Management along with Customer Base, it is evident that consulting on a day to day basis becomes a part of ones position.  Your article reflects many of these points and would enhance these points in promoting an outside consulting position.  Regards.  rfl 04-22-09
Posted by: John C. Gifford
Thank you After reading this the idea of consulting is off the table. My experience is long term improvement.  I've enjoyed seeing a project through to completion.  So thanks for putting my concerns into words so well. John
Posted by: Walt McDowell
I too would like information about consulting in the restaurant/hotel/resort/hospitality industry.
Posted by: Richard Whorf
I would like the information that you have on becoming a consultant in the restaurant, hospitality industry please.
Posted by: Lizabeth Katcoff
This seems to be the way to go, either Corporate Executive and/or Consultant!
Posted by: Carla
I would like to get more information on consulting. Very interested
Posted by: Don Baldwin
Doing it correctly the first time.
Posted by: William Smith
I would like to get more information about consulting positions. 
Posted by: Nathan Smango
Posted by: Don Baldwin
This is a very good attitude !Please send more information.Don
Posted by: Dennis Romanoski
The article did a good job in painting a pretty realistic picture about the field of consulting, defining what it is and how you can be successful at it.
Posted by: billadams
I been a consultant for 28 years and always looking for new contracts to service.I service a wide area of business, military and government needs. both national and internationally.
Posted by: Nanette Swain
Interested in both Consulting and Corporate Execu..  Send more info.
Posted by: John Reid
Does the search in the area of consultants needed automatically pick up my most recent edited resume?
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