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Automotive Maintenance... Russ Darrow Group, Inc. Janesville, WI 1 Day Ago
Automotive Technician Auto... Mileone Parkville, MD 4 Days Ago
Automotive Maintenance... Blain's Farm And Fleet Urbana, IL 6 Days Ago
Automotive Maintenance... Master Auto Service Incorporated Troy, MI 6 Days Ago
Automotive Maintenance... J.D. Byrider Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI 6 Days Ago


Automotive Glass Installation
The practice of installing and replacing automotive windshields and windows. Automotive glass installers are also known as auto glaziers or windshield repair technicians. They must obtain windshields or Visit »
Automotive Sales
The practice of selling motor vehicles on a commission or percentage basis. Automotive sales representatives may sell brand-new and secondhand vans, cars and light vehicles, and they may Visit »
Auto Body Repair
The practice of fixing damaged car structures. Auto body technicians use special tools and equipment to repair body parts and refinish interiors, exteriors and spoiled metal frames of Visit »

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Auto Repair & Maintenance

(aw-toh ri-pair and meyn-tuh-nuhns) (n.)

The practice of maintaining and repairing cars, trucks and other automobiles. Practitioners of this specialty may be called automotive technicians, service technicians or service techs. Their job duties more...

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