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Government Program Manager University of Utah Healthcare Murray, UT 1 Day Ago
Operations Manager –... SAP America Palo Alto, CA 1 Day Ago
Operations Manager MV Transportation Houston, TX 1 Day Ago
Operations Manager - Data... K-Tek Resourcing LLC Cleveland, OH 1 Day Ago
Sr. Customer Experience (CX)... Advantage Technical Resourcing Palo Alto, CA 1 Day Ago


Operations Analysis
The practice of examining business methods for efficiency. Operations analysts work to ensure that a company's management operates in the most effective methods possible. Analysts regularly maintain their Visit »
Management Consulting
The practice of offering management services to businesses by contract. Management consultants are engaged by companies and organizations to detect and solve problems that hinder their effectiveness or Visit »
Purchasing & Sourcing
The practice of managing the buying of materials for business or manufacturing. Purchasing managers supervise and work closely with buyers and purchasing agents to negotiate contracts, evaluate vendors Visit »

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Program Management

(proh-gram man-ij-muhnt) (n.)

The practice of overseeing a series of related projects. Program managers are responsible for analyzing organizational needs, assessing the costs and benefits associated with related projects, obtaining approval more...

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