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MGR MISSION AND MINISTRY Job Centura Health Canon City, CO 3 Days Ago
MISSION SUPPORT COORDINATOR Department of Defense - Dept.... 4 Days Ago
Temporary Associate (Nonprofit) Nonprofit Staffing Solutions Washington, DC 5 Days Ago
Bilingual Medical Assistant -... UnitedHealth Group MISSION, TX 7 Days Ago
Assistant Director, Mission... Legislative Branch Washington, DC 12 Days Ago


Social Services
The industry of helping people cope with problems and mental, emotional and behavioral issues. As well as identifying individuals who need help, social services professionals assess client needs, Visit »
Community Services
The industry of coordinating service programs for communities and charitable organizations. Community services professionals often work in community action partnerships or non-governmental organizations to distribute aid to needy Visit »
Education & Training
The practice of acquiring knowledge and skills, either in a general sense or in specialized fields. Educational professionals develop lesson plans and deliver information to students in elementary Visit »

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(non-prof-it) (n.)

The practice of using all business revenues to achieve an organizational mission. Non-profit organizations are defined by a specific mission, and many workers enter this sector intending to more...

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