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Community Outreach Coordinator Job Cleveland Clinic Mayfield Hts, OH 5 Days Ago
Medicare-Medicaid Community... Anthem San Antonio, TX 6 Days Ago
Quality Community Outreach Special AmeriHealth Caritas Harrisburg, PA Jan 7
Administrator, Community Outreach The Estee Lauder Companies New York, NY Dec 20, 2014
Community Outreach Educator Providence Health & Services Everett, WA Aug 20, 2014


The practice of using all business revenues to achieve an organizational mission. Non-profit organizations are defined by a specific mission, and many workers enter this sector intending to Visit »

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Community Outreach

(kuh-myoo-ni-tee out-reech) (n.)

The practice of offering support to community members. Community outreach workers may work for cities, counties or school districts. They distribute informational material on services available to the more...

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