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Senior Electrical Engineer Arup Chicago, IL Today
Electrician SelectRemedy Peoria, IL 1 Day Ago
Journeyman Electrician -... CLP San Antonio, TX 1 Day Ago
Apprentice Electrician -... CLP CORPUS CHRISTI, TX 1 Day Ago
Journeyman Electrician -... CLP Duxbury, MA 1 Day Ago


The specialty of preparing and analyzing budgets and expenditures for construction projects. Estimators may analyze and create budgets for commercial, residential and municipal building projects. Construction estimators who Visit »
The practice of installing wallboards inside construction projects. Drywall installers are also known as drywall applicators, framers or hangers. They fasten drywall panels to the interior framework on Visit »
The practice of applying paint, stain and liquid coatings to construction projects. Painters coat the outer coverings of buildings or internal walls and surfaces using standard paint brushes Visit »

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(ih-lek-tri-kuhl) (n.)

The specialty of installing and maintaining electrical systems in the construction industry. Electricians wire homes and businesses for power and communications, climate control systems, fire alarms and security more...

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