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Customer Service Chat... TeleTech Holdings King Of Prussia, PA 1 Day Ago
Customer Service & Client... Job Window Fargo, ND 1 Day Ago
Customer Care Specialist Xerox Corporation Guaynabo, PR 1 Day Ago
Customer Solutions Supervisor,... Fiserv Phoenix, AZ 1 Day Ago
Customer Service Representative Verizon Wireless Bloomington, MN 1 Day Ago


Customer Service Management
The practice of directing and coordinating customer service efforts in a business or organization. The educational requirements of a customer service manager differ by company and the type Visit »
Call Center Services
The practice of managing inbound and outbound calls for customer service purposes. Call center representatives work in call centers and act as contact points for large companies or Visit »
Customer Service Representation
The practice of serving as a direct point of contact for customers who contact a business about products or services. As primary representatives of an organization, customer service Visit »

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Customer Service

(kuhs-tuh-mer sur-vis) (n.)

The practice of interacting with customers on behalf of a business or organization. Customer service professionals are responsible for the front-line interactions that customers have with businesses. Customer more...

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