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GME Institutional Coordinator University of Kentucky LEXINGTON, KY 1 Day Ago
Group Fitness New Canaan YMCA New Canaan, CT 1 Day Ago
Vocational Instructor Carpentry Corrections Corporation of America Mc Rae, GA 1 Day Ago
Program Coordinator The MENTOR Network COLUMBUS, OH 1 Day Ago
Director of Admissions Corinthian Colleges, Inc. Jonesboro, GA 1 Day Ago


Educational Administration
The practice of overseeing educational organizations. Educational administrators include school principals and superintendents of municipal or local school systems, as well as state and federal employees who are Visit »
Remedial Education
The practice of instructing students to help them match their peers in skill level. Remedial teachers assess the knowledge of students, craft specialized plans to address student needs, Visit »
The practice of maintaining registration and admissions processes at colleges and universities. Registrars also supervise others in the registration department. Each semester, registrars supervise the course registration process. Visit »

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Education & Training

(ej-oo-key-shuhn and trey-ning) (n.)

The practice of acquiring knowledge and skills, either in a general sense or in specialized fields. Educational professionals develop lesson plans and deliver information to students in elementary more...

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