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Assistant Program... CBS Corporation Phoenix, AZ Today
Digital - Music - Radio -... Digital - Music - Radio Oakland, CA Today
Digital - Music - Radio -... Digital - Music - Radio Chicago, IL Today
Music - Stage - Schedule Events... Music - Stage Chicago, IL Today
TV - Music - United... TV - Music San Diego, CA Today


The practice of portraying characters on stage, film or related media. Actors communicate specific characters or situations to an audience using body, speech, movement and language. Most often, Visit »
The practice of posing to promote products or services. Models typically pose for photographers, artists or customers, and they typically wear or use items that are available for Visit »
The practice of coordinating dance performances and routines. Choreographers are the experts behind dance performances such as ballets, operas, music videos, folk dance performances and musicals. This career Visit »

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(myoo-zik) (n.)

The practice of composing or performing works of music for an audience. Musicians may specialize in one or more instruments, and they are responsible for performing for an more...

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