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Creative Services Producer Sinclair Broadcast Group Syracuse, NY 1 Day Ago
News Producer KJRH-TV Tulsa Tulsa, OK 1 Day Ago
Local News Desk Digital Content... KMGH - TV Denver Denver, CO 1 Day Ago
Producer Hearst Television Inc. Sacramento, CA 1 Day Ago
Senior Production Artist Crate & Barrel Northbrook, IL 1 Day Ago


The practice of coordinating the different aspects of stage or film productions. They encourage everyone's ideas and creativity but make final decisions to form a cohesive production. Directors Visit »
The practice of moving rhythmically in a series of steps, especially to music. Dancers perform in a wide variety of settings. Their main role is to learn required Visit »
The practice of coordinating the filming of motion pictures. Cinematographers, also known as directors of photography, work with the directors of films to discuss the vision and story Visit »

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(pruh-duhk-shuhn) (n.)

The practice of managing and overseeing all aspects of a movie, television or theater production. Producers choose scripts and work with scriptwriters to make necessary changes as the more...

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