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Territory Sales Manager -... Altria Group Distribution Co. Harrisburg, PA 1 Day Ago
Protection Relay Technician,... Xcel Energy Seminole, TX 1 Day Ago
Manager, Contract Services... Xcel Energy St Paul, MN 1 Day Ago
POLICE OFFICER Texas Health Resources Dallas, TX 1 Day Ago
Senior/Principal Substation... Xcel Energy Amarillo, TX 1 Day Ago


The practice of stopping the spread of fires and aiding in protecting the community. Firefighters typically work for municipalities, airports or large industries. They respond immediately to a Visit »
The practice of supervising and aiding inmates in state and federal prisons. Corrections officer in a government facilities guard inmates both inside and outside state and federal prisons. Visit »
The practice of enforcing regulations of cargo shipped across borders. Customs inspector officers are employed by the federal government directly for the Customs and Border Protection Agency. They Visit »

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Government & Protective Services

(guhv-ern-muhnt and pruh-tek-tiv sur-vis-ez) (n.)

The industry employed by federal agencies to govern the country and maintain its laws. The government offers many jobs, ranging from mail delivery to crime prevention. There are more...

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