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Transportation Security Officer... Transportation Security... Duluth, MN 1 Day Ago
Program Security Specialist,... Pratt & Whitney East Hartford, CT 1 Day Ago
SECURITY REP VOSS Houston Methodist Hospital Houston, TX 1 Day Ago
Security Support 3 Northrop Grumman Redondo Beach, CA 1 Day Ago
Security Guard US Foods, Inc. Rolla, MO 1 Day Ago


The practice of monitoring people crossing the nation’s borders. Immigration inspectors, sometimes also called customs and border protection (CBP) officers, are assigned at international ports in the United Visit »
Local Government
The practice of representing constituents in local matters. Local representatives speak for their constituents in local government functions that include local city councils, county governments or township commissions. Visit »
Federal Government
The practice of working for the federal branch of the government. Federal representatives work in the legislative body of the national government. These elected officials work to draft Visit »

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(si-kyoor-i-tee) (n.)

The profession of protecting people and property. Security guards work in office buildings, industrial complexes, hotels, casinos, hospitals, airports and thousands of other locations across the country. The more...

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