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Patient Care Technician/CNA -... Virginia Mason Seattle, WA 1 Day Ago
Nursing Assistant HCR ManorCare Fond du Lac, WI Today
Polysomnographic Technologist... Sleep Services of America Atlanta, GA 1 Day Ago
Regulatory Affairs Associate Baxter International, Inc 1 Day Ago
RN PRN/ psych adult/ 3p West Palm Hospital West Palm Beach, FL 1 Day Ago


The study of diseases and conditions of the heart. Cardiologists practice this study as solo practitioners, members of group practices or on hospital staffs. They usually coordinate the Visit »
The investigation of diseases and public health problems to prevent their spreading or reoccurrence. Epidemiologists practice this specialty by researching health issues; conducting interviews and surveys about maternal Visit »
The medical practice concerned with oral health. Dentists are practitioners of this specialty. A dentist’s job involves the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases and disorders of the Visit »

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(helth-kair) (n.)

The industry focused on maintaining or improving the health of patients and the general population. Healthcare practitioners include doctors, nurses, surgeons, dentists and others. Whatever their role, healthcare more...

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