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MEDICAL ASSISTANT University of Colorado Health Loveland, CO Today
Medical Assistant Concentra Inc. Wilkes Barre, PA Today
Medical Assistant PCD Dekalb Medical Today
Medical Assistant II Intermountain Healthcare Provo, UT Today
Medical Assistant - Cardiology Skagit Regional Health Mount Vernon, WA Today


The study of diseases and conditions of the heart. Cardiologists practice this study as solo practitioners, members of group practices or on hospital staffs. They usually coordinate the Visit »
Diet & Nutrition
The practice of promoting the maintenance and improvement of public and individual health through sound diet and health practices. Nutritionists and dietitians are the primary practitioners in this Visit »
The healthcare specialty focused on pain management. Anesthesiologists practice in this specialty by caring for patients before, during and after surgical procedures. They also help patients with chronic Visit »

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Medical Assistance

(med-i-kuhl uh-sis-tuhns) (n.)

The practice of supporting medical doctors and other healthcare practitioners by taking on administrative and clinical duties. Medical assistants perform a variety of support tasks. They may perform more...

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