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Sales Team Support Assistant -... Sentry Insurance STEVENS POINT, WI 1 Day Ago
Dealer Operations Account... Sentry Insurance Tucson, AZ 1 Day Ago
Anthem Member Retention... WellPoint Cincinnati, OH 1 Day Ago
Claims Data Administration... Sentry Insurance STEVENS POINT, WI 1 Day Ago
Financial Advisor Provident Credit Union Hayward, CA 1 Day Ago


Insurance Sales
The practice of selling and managing insurance policies for a variety of clients. Insurance agents practice this specialty and are employed by insurance companies to sell and maintain Visit »
The practice of determining the value of items for insurance purposes. Appraisers determine the value of real estate, art, antiques or other valuable property for insurance or resale Visit »
The practice of reviewing insurance applications for acceptance or denial. Underwriters also evaluate applications to determine the terms of the insurance and the amounts of the coverage and Visit »

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(in-shoor-uhns) (n.)

The industry of guaranteeing that items will not be lost or harmed. Insurance professionals sell and manage insurance policies. Clients can include individuals or companies, with policies sold more...

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