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Insurance Account... State Farm Insurance Companies 1 Day Ago
Insurance Account... Nicole Simmons - State Farm Agent Mansfield, TX 4 Days Ago
Insurance Account... Bob Keesee - State Farm Agent Beaverton, OR 4 Days Ago
Insurance Account... Peggy Langin - State Farm Agent DIAMOND BAR, CA 4 Days Ago
Insurance Account Position -... Laurie Mcmorrow - State Farm Agent Cumming, GA 4 Days Ago


The practice of determining the value of items for insurance purposes. Appraisers determine the value of real estate, art, antiques or other valuable property for insurance or resale Visit »
Claims Investigation
The practice of investigating claims that are deemed suspect by insurance companies. Claims investigators play a key role in determining whether or not a claim is legitimate, enabling Visit »
Claims Management
The practice of handling claims made by insurance company clients. The responsibilities of claims managers can vary greatly depending on what type of insurance policies their companies offer. Visit »

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Insurance Sales

(in-shoor-uhns seylz) (n.)

The practice of selling and managing insurance policies for a variety of clients. Insurance agents practice this specialty and are employed by insurance companies to sell and maintain more...

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