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The Right Path to a Successful Career

Are you looking for a new job or career path and are not sure where to start?

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Located below is an overview of valuable information contained within your Job Search Guide:

  • Identify Your Ideal Career
    Understand yourself and what motivates you to identify your ideal career. Completing a career assessment is just one of the many ways to get started on the right career path.
  • Develop a Powerful Resume
    Learn how to develop a powerful resume that effectively markets your skills and accomplishments and demonstrates value to potential employers. You won’t be overlooked any longer!
  • Effectively Market Yourself to Employers
    Know the importance of creating a self-marketing plan to help you determine appropriate companies; identify your unique attributes and ways to most effectively deliver your value. Get insight on unique ways to distribute your resume and market yourself to give you a competitive advantage over other candidates.
  • Master the Art of the Interview
    Your resume lands you an interview, but your interview gets you the job. Perfect your interview skills and know the importance of dressing professionally to make a positive impression on potential employers.
  • Manage Your Online Reputation
    Build and maintain a professional image both online and offline to be sure that you are representing yourself well to potential employers. You will also learn how you can easily identify and remove unwanted or incorrect information online.
  • Become a Master Negotiator
    Know your worth and cultivate your negotiation skills to get the salary that you want and deserve without sounding nervous or desperate. The power is in your hands.
  • Avoid Being A Typical Job Seeker
    Get creative in your job search by looking to non-traditional job search methods to get noticed. Consider online career portfolios, video resumes and background checks, to name a few.
  • Stay Educated and Stay Ahead
    A successful career is built on hard work, knowledge, skills and results. Improve your marketability and job security by staying educated. You can take advantage of the many programs that campus and online schools have to offer.

To make the most of your job search, we encourage you to take advantage of all of the tips, tools and resources our site has to offer to maximize your job search and get hired as quickly as possible.

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