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  • Senior Technician

    (Job via CareerBuilder) Kayser Automotive SystemsFulton, KY

    Job #116032278

  • XMi Human Resource Solutions is seeking a Senior Technician for our client KAYSER Automotive Systems. The Senior Technician will be responsible for the installation and operation of injection molding machines, peripherals and tools as well as the installation and operation of other custom machinery. This position will manage production and warehouse employees in order to ensure the highest level of productivity while maintaining the quality standards of our customers.

    As part of a 300 year old company, KAYSER Automotive Systems’ vision is to become the leader in designing and manufacturing both systems and components for the automotive industry by exceeding the quality and reliability standards set by its customers. KAYSER Automotive Systems has become a global leader and supplier of high-quality modules and ready-to-install systems for automotive OEM’s and Tier I suppliers in North America, Asia and Europe.

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Create, implement and manage setup processes in the injection molding department, welding department, including peripherals and tools that will support customer quality and productivity demands.
    • Create and develop the setup, operation, and maintenance of customized production machinery.
    • Ability to successfully train employees in the setup processes and required maintenance of production and welding machinery.
    • Manage the output of both production and quality requirements in order to maintain maximum levels of production and the highest level of quality as required by our customers.
    • Troubleshoot and repair manufacturing equipment.
    • Establish processes that will focus on consistently achieving production and quality targets.
    • Establish positive communication with employees to motivate production and warehouse workers.
    • Establish and promote safety and workplace regulations within all departments.
    • Create a Workplace Handover process in order to establish a documented procedure of machine status during shift changes.
    • Lead the production and warehouse teams in the introduction, training and supervision of machines.
    • Must be assertive in taking action, creating opportunities and improving outcomes when foreseeing a negative situation.
    • Must have the ability to successfully work with other functions at all levels within the organization.
    • Creative ability to devise new and different solutions with preventative measures that will improve output.
    • Develop, install, and modify manufacturing equipment.
    • Be a proactive member of the Fulton staff and actively demonstrate the shared values of the site and support the creation of a winning plant culture.
    • Ensure compliance with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations within area of responsibility and to follow and enforce company policies and procedures.


    • At least 10 years of work experience in operating injection machines and tools
    • Excellent mechatronic skills
    • Willingness to work shifts
    • A high level of motivation, team oriented and excellent communication skills.
    • Willingness to travel internationally
    • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills with a high-level of accuracy
    • Willingness and ability to support and train others
    • Must be flexible to adapt to changing requirements while maintaining effectiveness
    • Strong, positive work ethic, commitment to high standards and the ability to inspire those qualities in others.
    • Ability to make sound business decisions, exercise good judgment and maintain high level of motivation
    • Must be able to handle multiple functions and deadlines, work independently and make effective decision.

    Education: Technical Training Diploma/ Graduate Certificate (Plastic Engineering)
    Proficient in Spanish language skills





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