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Librarian Senior Librarian... New York Public Library New York, NY 1 Day Ago
Learning and Outreach Librarian... CUNY Bronx, NY 1 Day Ago
Librarian (Master in Library... Keegan Staffing Pensacola, FL 5 Days Ago
Associate State Librarian For... The Ohio Department Of... Franklin, OH 6 Days Ago
Librarian IV Or Librarian V... University of Hawaii Kapolei, HI 7 Days Ago


Museum Curation
The practice of managing historically valuable collections of artifacts. Curators manage the collections of the institutions that employ them. Every museum needs at least one curator. Museum curators Visit »
Library Assistance
The practice of performing routine administrative and organizational tasks in a library. Library assistants often work under head or chief librarians and have a customer-facing role. Library assistants Visit »
The practice of maintaining historically valuable documents. Archivists appraise, edit and maintain documents and permanent records, and some archivists complete research on archival material. As well as organizing Visit »

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(lahy-brer-ee) (n.)

The practice of helping the public find information and various resources. Librarians are professionals working in this practice and may be employed in schools, universities, law firms, museums, more...

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