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Owner Operators - 95% Home... Hub Group Trucking Atlanta, GA 1 Day Ago
Dedicated Owner Operator Truck... Hub Group Trucking Kennesaw, GA 1 Day Ago
Class A CDL Port Services Truck... Knight Transportation Everett, WA 1 Day Ago
Class A CDL Company Truck... Knight Transportation Bellingham, WA 1 Day Ago
Dedicated CDL-A Truck Driver... Averitt Express Zephyrhills, FL 1 Day Ago


Logistics Dispatching
The practice of communicating with and tracking transportation vehicles. Dispatchers take calls from material movers, heavy truck drivers and other transportation workers, and they coordinate schedules and routes. Visit »
Water Transportation
The practice of transporting passengers and cargo through waterways. Water transportation workers operate nonmilitary marine vessels in harbors, lakes, waterways and oceans. Transportation workers deal mostly in cargo Visit »
Rail Transportation
The practice of operating freight trains to transport goods. Rail transportation and logistics remains an important part of the country's infrastructural network and is far more affordable than Visit »

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Logistics & Transportation

(loh-jis-tiks and trans-per-tey-shuhn) (n.)

The industry of moving goods from one geographic location to another. Transportation and logistics professionals work for many types of employers, including manufacturers, public transportation agencies and travel more...

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