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Regional Tanker Truck Driver -... Schneider Savannah, GA 1 Day Ago
CDL-A Owner Operator Truck Drivers 1845 Oil Field Services Galveston, TX 1 Day Ago
Area Manager-Floor (Grocery) WalMart Gordonsville, VA 1 Day Ago
Full-time City Driver UPS Kent, WA 1 Day Ago
General Laborer Westaff Saratoga Springs, NY 1 Day Ago


Package Delivery
The practice of delivering packages and correspondence. Couriers work in this practice, and they deliver packages between businesses, organizations or individuals. Some couriers work independently, choosing the most Visit »
Shipping & Receiving
The practice of handling all outgoing and incoming mail and packages. Shipping and receiving clerks compare shipping methods and find the most economical and efficient way to send Visit »
Logistics Warehouse
The practice of maintaining company material stocks in storage. In transportation companies, warehouse workers receive and ship perishable and nonperishable goods, including merchandise, equipment and supplies. They must Visit »

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Logistics & Transportation

(loh-jis-tiks and trans-per-tey-shuhn) (n.)

The industry of moving goods from one geographic location to another. Transportation and logistics professionals work for many types of employers, including manufacturers, public transportation agencies and travel more...

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