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Millwright The Babcock and Wilcox Company Barberton, OH 1 Day Ago
Mgr Industrial Security 2 Northrop Grumman Redondo Beach, CA 1 Day Ago
Pipefitter - Manufacturing /... CLP Denver, CO 1 Day Ago
Mechanical Assembler - 14375 -... Madden Industrial Craftsmen, Inc Vancouver, WA 1 Day Ago
Procesadora de alimentos -... Hempler Foods Group Ferndale, WA 1 Day Ago


HVAC Repair
The practice of maintaining and repairing heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. HVAC mechanics must have strong knowledge of the mechanical processes, electrical properties and the physical Visit »
Small Engine Repair
The industry of servicing and repairing small, gas- or diesel-powered machinery. Small engine mechanics service machinery ranging from lawn mowers to chainsaws and other related equipment. Mechanics normally Visit »
Home Appliance Repair
The practice of installing and repairing appliances in the homes of clients. Repair technicians usually install and fix typical household appliances, such as microwaves, stoves, refrigerators, washers and Visit »

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Industrial Machinery Repair

(in-duhs-tree-uhl muh-shee-nuh-ree ri-pair) (n.)

The practice of maintaining and repairing machinery used in manufacturing. Industrial machinery mechanics keep factories running. Their work ranges from simple tasks like lubricating gears and other parts more...

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