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Lead, Tax Operations Analyst –... TIAA- CREF Charlotte, NC Today
Decision Scientist Microsoft Bellevue, WA Today
Senior Operations/Research Analyst ESC, Inc. Washington, DC 2 Days Ago
Systems Analysis, Operations... Northrop Grumman Palmdale, CA 2 Days Ago
Decision Science... Leading Media and Entertainment... Orlando, FL 3 Days Ago


Actuarial Science
The practice of applying mathematic and statistical theories to solve real-world problems. Actuaries use mathematical equations to create theoretical models of problems. Actuaries analyze the possibilities of future Visit »
The practice of analyzing and interpreting data to reach conclusions. Statisticians are normally trained in the field of mathematics and statistics to analyze and interpret data. Statisticians are Visit »
Applied Mathematics
The practice of using mathematics to solve real-world problems. Applied mathematicians are employed in a wide range of industries and may work for government agencies, private corporations, universities Visit »

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Operations Research

(op-uh-rey-shuhns ree-surch) (n.)

The practice of examining and analyzing processes for insight and improvement. Operations researchers use mathematical and statistical methods, including simulation, optimization, probability and statistics, to analyze problems, which more...

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