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Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, center, Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Robert F. Hale, the Defense Department's comptroller, testify on the Defense...

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PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT/NURSE... RGB Group, Inc Martinsburg, WV 1 Day Ago
Assistant Facility Security... CGI Fairfax, VA 1 Day Ago
Senior Family Readiness Support... Military Personnel Services... Annville, PA 1 Day Ago
Editorial Assistant PrimeWest Health Alexandria, MN 1 Day Ago
Physician Assistant (PA) or... Loyal Source Holdrege, NE 1 Day Ago


Military Intelligence
The practice of gathering and studying information to inform military operations. Intelligence specialists gather information to provide insight for military officials to plan their tactics and strengthen their Visit »
Military Construction
The practice of building structural military projects. Construction specialists ensure that building projects conform to plans, contracts and codes. Duties of construction specialists include visiting sites to check Visit »
Military Healthcare
The practice of providing care to improve the health of military personnel. Military healthcare specialists usually function in an assistive capacity, supplementing the work of other health professionals. Visit »

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Military Administration

(mil-i-ter-ee ad-min-uh-strey-shuhn) (n.)

The practice of performing clerical tasks in the military industry. Administrative specialists in the military work in office environments, specializing in specific areas such as accounting, law and more...

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