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Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, center, Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Robert F. Hale, the Defense Department's comptroller, testify on the Defense...

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Military Construction
The practice of building structural military projects. Construction specialists ensure that building projects conform to plans, contracts and codes. Duties of construction specialists include visiting sites to check Visit »
Military Administration
The practice of performing clerical tasks in the military industry. Administrative specialists in the military work in office environments, specializing in specific areas such as accounting, law and Visit »
Machine Operation & Production
The practice of managing the operation of machines in military deployments. Machine operation and production specialists are responsible for overseeing individuals or work crews who operate machinery. The Visit »

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Military Engineering

(mil-i-ter-ee en-juh-neer-ing) (n.)

The practice of planning, supervising, or executing the construction of new sites. Engineering specialists in the U.S. military belong to the U.S. Army Corps Engineers, and their duties more...

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