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Directional Driller Cimarron Underground, Inc. Tulsa, OK Today
Driller Helper Halliburton BELLE FOURCHE, SD Today
Estimator for oil field... Twin Brothers Marine, L.L.C. Franklin, LA 2 Days Ago
DRILLER'S ASSISTANT Tetra Tech Sarasota, FL 3 Days Ago
Air / Mud Rotary Driller Farwest Pump Company Las Vegas, NV 4 Days Ago


Gas Extraction
The practice of extracting natural gas from beneath the earth’s surface. Gas extraction workers maintain, install and operate specialized mining equipment and are employed by resource exploration companies Visit »
Surface Mining
The practice of extracting natural materials through above-ground mining. Surface mining workers specialize in extracting coal, metals, minerals and or other materials. Four main types of surface mining Visit »
Underground Mining
The practice of extracting natural materials from deep below the surface of the earth. Underground mining workers use modern, electric-powered mining equipment to drill tunnels underground and safely Visit »

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Oil Field Operations

(oil feeld op-uh-rey-shuhns) (n.)

The practice of extracting petroleum from underneath the earth’s surface. Oil field operations workers focus on extracting oil, maintaining equipment and delivering raw materials derived from oil fields. more...

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