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Job Function
Healthcare & Medical
1 – 3 Years
Bachelor's Degree
Employment Type
Full-Time, 1099 Contractor, W-2 Contractor
Security Clearance
Active Confidential
U.S. Citizen
Member No.
Last Activity



Seeking a position as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist/MRI Technologist.

Professional Experience Summary

A highly motivated professional who enjoys fulfilling duty requirements and is proficient in intravenous injections, adaptable to new environments and learns quickly. Communicates effectively with patients, families and medical staff to contribute to quality patient care. Strictly follows rules and regulations set forth by the NRC and the standards of JCAHO.
• Apples principals of radiation protection.
• Certified ARRT-Nuclear Medicine (•••••)
• NMTCB-Nuclear Medicine (•••••)
• MRI Certified (•••••)
• CPR (Exp Jan •••••)

Professional Experience

Lovelace Health Systems Albuquerque, NM
Nuclear Medicine Technologist ••••• Start Date: •••••/•••••Current

New Mexico Heart Institute Albuquerque, NM Start Date: •••••/•••••/•••••
Nuclear Medicine Technologist

El Camino Albuquerque, NM •••••Start Date: •••••/•••••/•••••
Nuclear Medicine Technologist

• Accurately identify and routinely use unit dose radiopharmaceuticals prior to injection.
• Operate a variety of imaging equipment to include: Picker, Siemens Ecam, ADAC Solus , Fortae, Phillips Irix Triple Head, Hawkie GE Mellinum and Hawkie Infinia.
• Consistently perform an array of Nuclear Medicine Procedures, which would include Bone Scans, Lung Scans, Stress/Rest Cardiac, Shunt studies, Prostascint, Muga and Lymphoscintigaphy.
• Skilled and proficient with the Thyroid Probe, Dose Calibrator, Pulmonex, Capintec CRC•••••R/Dose Calibrator and GM Counter with excellence.
• Trained in such diagnostic imaging processing software as Esoft, ADAC X Pegasys and PACS.
• Currently work with IDXrad scheduling system and Syncore computer software for dosing patient.
• Operate the General Electric MRI Scanner.
Presbyterian MRI Center Albuquerque, NM Start Date: •••••/•••••Current
• Accururately identify and routinely use MRI contrast.
• Arrive patients using the RIS system and G.E PACS.
• Consistently perform an array of MRI procedures, MSK, Neuro and Abdominal imaging.
• Protocol exams prior with Radiologist prior to patient’s arrival.
• Draw blood for Creatine and BUN labs to determine GFR.
• Obtain prior studies and reports on patients done at other outside facilities.
• Interview patient for safety screening, correct procedure & clinical indications.
• Daily Laundry of gowns and linens. Clean and prepare dressing rooms for patients.

University of New Mexico Hospital Business Office Albuquerque, NM
Billing Clerk•••••State date: •••••/••••• •••••/•••••
• Pprocessed claims and followed up on all In & Out of State Medicaid accounts, Commercial Insurance accounts, Medicare accounts, PHS accounts and preliminary litigation accounts for payment.
• Screened indigent applicants for medical financial assistance.
• Managed individual self paying accounts as a collector.
• Receptionist for the night shift; greeting and receiving patients for clerks to assist with pre-admit, readmit and post admit accounts.
• Liquidated incoming cash receivable journals for the cash department. Received payments & issued receipts on contracted accounts.

Education and Training
University of New Mexico , Albuquerque,NM
BS: Radiologic Sciences (•••••)
NMTCB & ARRT Certified (•••••)

Albuquerque Technical Vocational Institute, Albuquerque, NM
Associates Degree: Liberal Arts (•••••)

RAA/Presbyterian MRI Center, Albuquerque NM
MTMI Madison, WI
ARRT Certified (•••••)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist

Community Service Activities Albuquerque, NM
Board President of Eagle Nest Condominums Start: •••••/•••••/•••••

Victory Hills Neighbor Hood Association
Board Member •••••Start: •••••/•••••/•••••

T-Ball Assistant Coach Summer •••••

United Blood service.
Regular blood donnor every three months.
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