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Spiritual Care Coordinator HCR ManorCare Newport News, VA 1 Day Ago
Housekeeping Aide HCR ManorCare Westerville, OH 1 Day Ago
Patient Sitter (PRN) South Bay Hospital Sun City Center, FL 1 Day Ago
Laundry HCR ManorCare Livonia, MI 1 Day Ago
Housekeeper Intermountain Healthcare Murray, UT 1 Day Ago


The industry of maintaining the cleanliness of living spaces, typically in homes and hotels. A housekeeper's primary role involves ensuring the guests' rooms are kept tidy and clean. Visit »
The practice of creating, altering and repairing clothing. Tailors customize clothing according to the customer's needs and desires. The most common job duties of a tailor include hemming Visit »
Makeup & Beauty
The practice of applying cosmetic products to customers. Beauticians primarily work in salons and other personal care locations. The types of services offered by beauticians depend on their Visit »

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Personal & Household Services

(pur-suh-nl and hous-hohld sur-vis-ez) (n.)

The industry of providing people with services related to their homes or personal appearance. Professionals within this industry vary widely in specialty, and many are craftspeople or skilled more...

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