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Groundskeeper - 13766 -... Madden Industrial Craftsmen, Inc Beaverton, OR 1 Day Ago
Groundskeeper - Porter Lincoln Property Company St Petersburg, FL 1 Day Ago
Groundskeeper- Dale Memorial Parks Stewart Enterprises Chesterfield, VA 1 Day Ago
GROUNDSKEEPER-(FT) Citrus... Hilton La Quinta, CA 1 Day Ago
Groundskeeper Continental Estates Davison, MI 1 Day Ago


The practice of maintaining outdoor portions of properties. Landscapers work outside homes, businesses, and governmental or charitable facilities. They may be responsible for constructing or installing features such Visit »
The practice of taking care of facilities and performing upkeep and maintenance. Janitors perform a variety of functions to keep a facility in proper working order. They are Visit »
Pest Control
The practice of controlling insects, rodents and other pests in homes and business premises. Exterminators may use traps and chemical pesticides in liquid or gas form, and they Visit »

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Grounds Keeping

(groundz kee-ping) (n.)

The practice of tending areas of land to maintain or improve appearance and functionality. Groundskeepers typically help institutions and organizations with public access, such as golf courses, schools, more...

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