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Youth Camp Counselors Malibu, CA ELS Educational Services Malibu, CA Today
CAMP COUNSELOR - YOUTH WORKER -... Timber Ridge Treatment Center Gold Hill, NC 4 Days Ago
YOUTH ACTIVITY CAMP COUNSELOR-... Cherokee Town and Country Club ATLANTA, GA 6 Days Ago
Now Hiring Sports Coaches and... Skyhawks Sports Alameda, CA 7 Days Ago
Youth Development Leader -... YMCA of Greater Houston Houston, TX Apr 2


The practice of overseeing the public’s safety around water. Lifeguards are usually positioned near pools, beaches or other bodies of water. They protect swimmers from potential dangers including Visit »
Elementary Education
The specialty focused on teaching young children skills that will enable their further education. Elementary education, or elementary school, teachers use different tools and methods to teach young Visit »
Parks & Recreation Management
The practice of leading activities for visitors to parks and other recreational facilities. Parks and recreation workers may organize activities for children, young adults, senior citizens, religious or Visit »

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(kamps) (n.)

The specialty of overseeing and managing the operations of a camp. Camp directors serve a variety of functions depending on where they are employed. Generally, they take reports more...

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