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Recreation Assistant Center Director

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Recreation Specialist Alutiiq Chicopee, MA Today
RECREATION PROGRAM... University Of Iowa Iowa City, IA 2 Days Ago
Recreation Therapist Department Of Veterans Affairs Fort Harrison, MT 3 Days Ago
RECREATION PROGRAM COORDINATOR The University of Iowa Iowa City, IA 3 Days Ago
Core Area Program... Boys and Girls Club of Greater... 3 Days Ago


The practice of maintaining outdoor portions of properties. Landscapers work outside homes, businesses, and governmental or charitable facilities. They may be responsible for constructing or installing features such Visit »
The specialty of overseeing and managing the operations of a camp. Camp directors serve a variety of functions depending on where they are employed. Generally, they take reports Visit »
Community Services
The industry of coordinating service programs for communities and charitable organizations. Community services professionals often work in community action partnerships or non-governmental organizations to distribute aid to needy Visit »

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Parks & Recreation Management

(pahrks and rek-ree-ey-shuhn man-ij-muhnt) (n.)

The practice of leading activities for visitors to parks and other recreational facilities. Parks and recreation workers may organize activities for children, young adults, senior citizens, religious or more...

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