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Customer Service Verizon Wireless McLean, VA 1 Day Ago
Sales Associate - Commissioned... JoS. A. Bank Mcallen, TX 1 Day Ago
Retail Sales Consultant AT&T Florence, SC 1 Day Ago
Visual Display Associate Stein Mart The Woodlands, TX 1 Day Ago
Inventory Clerk Select Staffing Napa, CA 1 Day Ago


The practice of providing products and materials that allow manufacturers and stores to operate. Wholesalers are responsible for finding new products and manufacturers, locating retail markets where these Visit »
Store Management
The practice of overseeing sales performance and supervising the staff of retail stores. The most important aspect of a retail store manager job is sales performance, which involves Visit »
Retail Warehouse
The practice of managing a retail operation’s inventory. Warehouse operations specialists supervise and coordinate the storage, receipt, inventory, delivery and distribution of materials, supplies and equipment; maintain relevant Visit »

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(ree-teyl) (n.)

The industry of offering goods directly to customers in small quantities. Retail professionals provide customer service and ensure their stores run efficiently and properly. Their job involves a more...

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