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Part Time Cashier The Home Depot Sacramento, CA 1 Day Ago
Cashier The Home Depot Trumbull, CT 1 Day Ago
Team Member - Everett Ivar's -... Ivar's Everett, WA 1 Day Ago
Cashier - Retail / Wholesale Wegman's Nursery Redwood City, CA 1 Day Ago
Team Member - Ivar's Mukilteo... Ivar's Mukilteo, WA 1 Day Ago


District Management
The process of overseeing the sales force of a retail chain within a geographic area. District sales managers who work in retail chains are responsible for training sales Visit »
The practice of displaying and promoting manufactured or distributor goods in a retail location. Merchandisers are the primary practitioner in this industry. Merchandisers in retail locations arrange product Visit »
Department Management
The practice of overseeing a specific department in a retail setting. Department managers not only engage in daily customer service, but they also lead a group of sales Visit »

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Counter Sales

(koun-ter seylz) (n.)

The practice of conducting in-person business transactions at a point of sale. Cashiers typically operate cash registers in retail settings, where customers go to purchase goods. They serve more...

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