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Data Entry/Second Shift Xerox Corporation Jacksonville, FL 1 Day Ago
Associate Financial Consultant... Charles Schwab Albany, NY 1 Day Ago
Retail Sales Representative Verizon Wireless Portsmouth, NH 1 Day Ago
SALES - CAREER FAIR United Career Fairs Aurora, CO 1 Day Ago
Training Manager Afni Tucson, AZ 1 Day Ago


The practice of contacting potential customers by phone, typically via cold call. Telemarketers contact potential customers by telephone and attempt to sell them products or services. Some charities Visit »
Sales Management
The practice of supervising and coordinating sales teams. Sales managers work in a number of industries: any company with a sizeable sales force needs one or more sales Visit »
Account Management
The practice of starting and maintaining relationships with sales clients. Sales account managers work in this specialty, and their responsibilities depend on their employers. Account managers in large Visit »

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(seylz) (n.)

The practice of driving customers to purchase goods and services. Sales professionals are sometimes called sales representatives and are responsible for meeting sales or profitability objectives within organizations more...

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