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Direct Seller Power Home Remodeling Group Lansdale, PA 1 Day Ago
Entry Level Business Development Indianapolis, IN 1 Day Ago
Retail Sales - Verizon Wireless... Verizon Wireless Lake Orion, MI 1 Day Ago
Inbound Customer Service... Applied Card Systems Boca Raton, FL 1 Day Ago
Rental Representative Penske Temecula, CA 1 Day Ago


The practice of contacting potential customers by phone, typically via cold call. Telemarketers contact potential customers by telephone and attempt to sell them products or services. Some charities Visit »
Sales Engineering
The practice of selling complex technological and scientific services or products to businesses. Sales engineers have extensive knowledge of specific products' functions and parts, as well as understanding Visit »
Business Development
The specialty of identifying and developing new sales growth opportunities in the marketplace. Business development managers work in this specialty. They identify growth opportunities, communicate them to sales, Visit »

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(seylz) (n.)

The practice of driving customers to purchase goods and services. Sales professionals are sometimes called sales representatives and are responsible for meeting sales or profitability objectives within organizations more...

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