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CLINICAL SOCIAL WORKER, LICSW Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, MA 1 Day Ago
Career Development Counselor New York University New York, NY 1 Day Ago
REHABILITATION COUNSELOR Iowa Department of... 1 Day Ago
PD Counselor,Crisis Atlantic Health System Morristown, NJ 1 Day Ago
Counselor-1 Sisters of Providence Health... Holyoke, MA 1 Day Ago


Mental Health Counseling
The practice of helping people treat mental and emotional disorders and promote overall well-being. Mental health counselors work with individuals, families, couples and groups. They are trained in Visit »
The study of human behavior and the mental processes that lead to that behavior. Psychologists are the practitioners of this study. There are two general paths psychologists may Visit »
Marriage & Family Therapy
The practice of counseling married couples or family members. Marriage and family therapists work with people who have psychological disorders that affect their marriages or family relationships. Therapists Visit »

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(koun-suh-ling) (n.)

The practice of providing direct social support to those facing personal issues. Social service counselors help people facing a variety of changes or challenges in their lives overcome more...

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