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CLINICAL SOCIAL WORKER, LICSW Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, MA 1 Day Ago
Supervisor Social Work Lifetime Care Rochester, NY 1 Day Ago
Social Worker LGSW/LICSW - Bone... Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN 1 Day Ago
Field Care Manager Per-Diem... Humana Wantagh, NY 1 Day Ago
Social Worker - Case Management Gaston Memorial Hospital Gastonia, NC 1 Day Ago


Marriage & Family Therapy
The practice of counseling married couples or family members. Marriage and family therapists work with people who have psychological disorders that affect their marriages or family relationships. Therapists Visit »
Substance Abuse Counseling
The specialty of helping people recover from their addictions. Substance abuse counselors work in this specialty and may counsel men and women of all ages. Substance abuse counselors Visit »
Rehabilitation Counseling
The practice of helping victims of life-changing injuries or illnesses return to productive daily life. Rehabilitation counselors work with permanently and temporarily physically disabled patients, as well as Visit »

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Social Work

(soh-shuhl wurk) (n.)

The specialty of providing social services to the public. There are two main types of social worker. A direct service social worker helps people resolve everyday issues including more...

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