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Soccer Coach Young Champions Hayward, CA 1 Day Ago
Assistant Swim Coach - Part Time Ridgewood YMCA Ridgewood, NJ 1 Day Ago
Fitness Trainer / CrossFit Coach The Cave Corte Madera, CA 2 Days Ago
FITNESS COACH - SPEEDWAY Nifty after Fifty LLC Tucson, AZ 2 Days Ago
8th Grade Baseball Coach RSU 57 Waterboro, ME 2 Days Ago


Sports Agency
The practice of representing professional athletes in business proceedings. Sports agents represent professional athletes and help them to advance the business side of their careers. They strive to Visit »
Professional Sports
The practice of playing sports for money. Professional athletes work for sports organizations or independent promoters, and they earn their living by competing in duly recognized sports events. Visit »
Athletic Direction
The practice of being responsible for budgets for the athletics department in an institution. Athletic directors typically work at educational institutions, which may be at any level from Visit »

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(kohch-ing) (n.)

The practice of preparing and instructing athletes training for competition. Coaches typically focus on a particular sport and must be an expert on the rules, regulations, strategies and more...

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