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SR IT DEVELOPER - Mobile The Home Depot Atlanta, GA 1 Day Ago
User Experience Designer Job SAP America Palo Alto, CA 1 Day Ago
Communication Specialist Cameron Craig Group Chagrin Falls, OH 1 Day Ago
Satellite TV Technician Installer Dish Network Santa Fe, TX 1 Day Ago
Casting Engineer Pratt & Whitney East Hartford, CT 1 Day Ago


Database Administration
The practice of helping companies organize and manage data. Database administrators use databases, computer applications and Internet-based programs to set up database systems, test these systems regularly and Visit »
Quality Assurance
The practice of ensuring the quality of systems and software before they are implemented. Quality assurance (QA) engineers, also known as quality assurance monitoring managers or quality managers, Visit »
Computer Security
The technological specialty focused on protecting business computers and data. Computer security specialists are practitioners of this specialty. Internally, the computer security specialist must control access to sensitive Visit »

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(tek-nol-uh-jee) (n.)

A branch of knowledge concerned with technical means and their application in daily life. Technology professionals use their knowledge to bridge gaps between life and technology to encourage more...

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