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CDL-A Owner Operator Truck Drivers Hub Group Trucking Tucker, GA 1 Day Ago
CDL A Truck Driver - Regional... Averitt Express Zanesville, OH 1 Day Ago
Owner Operator CDL-A Truck... NFI Frederica, DE 1 Day Ago
CDL-A Truck Drivers-Brand New... Jim Palmer Trucking Tacoma, WA 1 Day Ago
CDL-A Company Drivers - Brand... Wil-Trans Washington, MO United States 1 Day Ago


Bus Driving
The practice of transporting people on busses. Bus drivers take people between different places, including school, work and shopping centers. Some bus drivers are assigned regular routes, while Visit »
Aircraft Maintenance
The practice of inspecting and repairing aircraft. Aircraft mechanics inspect private, commercial and military aircraft and repair any defects discovered during the inspection process. Typical activities include checking Visit »
Airline Piloting
The practice of operating and flying aircraft for airline companies. Airline pilots fly commercial airplanes with passengers, luggage and other cargo on board. Before the flight, they check Visit »

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Transit & Travel

(tran-sit and trav-uhl) (n.)

The industry of transporting people for business or entertainment reasons. The transit and travel industry is broad in nature, and job responsibilities range from travel planning and logistics more...

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