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Dispatcher Sunbelt Rentals Perth Amboy, NJ 1 Day Ago
Global Transportation Logistics... Lane Edward Inc Minneapolis, MN 1 Day Ago
Inland Waterways Dispatcher Cargill Wayzata, MN 1 Day Ago
Dispatcher Motor Vehicle Chugach Alaska Corporation Fort Dix, NJ 1 Day Ago
Dispatcher 1 (Murrells Inlet,... Time Warner Cable Murrells Inlet, SC 1 Day Ago


Ticket Sales
The practice of providing tickets to customers seeking to use transit systems. A transit ticket agent works in the transportation industry and assists travelers with transportation, lodging and Visit »
Air Traffic Control
The practice of coordinating airplanes travelling into and out of airports. Air traffic controllers are responsible for safely guiding aircraft along their flight paths and dictating landing and Visit »
Airline Piloting
The practice of operating and flying aircraft for airline companies. Airline pilots fly commercial airplanes with passengers, luggage and other cargo on board. Before the flight, they check Visit »

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Transit Dispatching

(tran-sit dih-spach-ing) (n.)

The practice of coordinating and overseeing the operational side of transportation. Dispatchers work closely with bus drivers and maintenance personnel to keep the transit system running smoothly. They more...

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