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Technical Support... Acorn Stairlifts, Inc. Orlando, FL Today
Premises Technician AT&T Marysville, KS 1 Day Ago
Food Services Aide Sisters of Providence Health... Holyoke, MA 1 Day Ago
SECURITY OFFICER Houston Methodist Houston, TX 1 Day Ago
Social Worker Peoplefirst HomeCare Hospice Marlborough, MA 1 Day Ago


Field Service
The practice of operating in the field in the utilities industry. Field service specialists are typically responsible for installing and maintaining utility meters that measure the amount of Visit »
Natural Gas
The practice of supplying natural gas for customers to use in home appliances. Natural gas operations workers perform the duties of natural gas delivery planned by engineers for Visit »
Power Distribution
The practice of dispensing electrical power to customers. Power distribution workers install and maintain the network of substations, transmission cables and other equipment that carries electricity from power Visit »

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(yoo-til-i-teez) (n.)

The industry of maintaining and providing public services, such as power or water. Utilities and energy professionals are responsible for creating, executing and maintaining the technical systems and more...

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