Nathan Friberg

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Seattle, WA
Job Function
Customer Service, Management & Business, Marketing & Advertising
Art, Philosophy, Business ;To epitomize what is happening in my life now.. I am done working for bell Limousine. I have worked for bell now for three years. I would like to say thank you to the staff at bell and good luck. I am glad to have worked with such a great group. I am also thankful for the experience in the transportation industry. I still enjoy my favorite hobbies. I still feature my first album I made in Vegas online.The album is called The rarely heard music (b-side) the radio hits. . I have finished producing my next album with the help of SoundCloud, Novation, and Fiverr. I have set the date for the release of my next single RETRO February 26th. Retro is the only single from my new album YOU KNOW NOW WHAT'S HAPPENING. I am excited for the first release on PANDORA radio. I have most of the music on NAZ.TI.MUZIK I am finally back to creating music with help from Novation. I decided to continue to run for some charities in hopes of finding a damn cure. LAS VEGAS is a great city. I have decided I need a change. I am moving to Seattle. I am moving at the end of February. I am pleased I made the trip too Las Vegas. I had a great time in Vegas. I met some really interesting people during my stay. I attended a church named ST. FRANCIS from time to time thank you St. Francis Catholic Church. I would like too thank the staffing services that increased my overall income for the last 4 years. I just need to say thank you again to everyone involved in my life now in 2017.


    • Bachelor's Degree
    • Normandal C.C
    • Bachelor's Degree
    • Century college
    • Bachelor's Degree
    • Inver Hills


Light laborer
Millenium staffing
Customer Service
Convention Staffing Solutions
Head jock / jock
deja vu
M.O.D. / Cook
Volcano Joe's
Shift Supervisor
Volunteers of America
Sales Person
Mattress Giant / Firm

Work Experience

    • Light laborer
    • Millenium staffing
    • I work different places throughout Las Vegas, affording a variety of diverse services.

    • Sales Person
    • Mattress Giant / Firm // Apr '02 - May '03
    • I worked here long hours ten to twelve hour days. I afforded more worth to a product that people need. I would educate people daily why the mattress is an invalueable product. I worked tirelessly with the team on my customer service and sales techniques. I worked with great guys who are very skilled.

    • Light Labor
    • Aria Resort & Casino // Present
    • I worked with a couple of good guys Michael Heiman and Joe spinelli for a couple of months in the Central Plant.

    • Shift Supervisor
    • Volunteers of America // May '04 - Jun '05
    • I supervised juvenile and adult law offenders from day to day. I worked in the kitchen making sac lunches for the residents aiding them in their transition. I worked a light type of security position also. I would make sure everyone in the building was accounted for. I would make sure people would sign in and out as they come and go.

    • M.O.D. / Cook
    • Volcano Joe's // Mar '07 - Apr '09
    • I started working at VJ's as a line cook. I worked my way to a supervisory position. I turned that supervisory position in to a management position.(M.O.D.) Manager on Duty. I worked every position inside of the restaurant from a to z. I opened, I closed and counted the tills. I washed dishes, mixed coffee drinks and filled in for late baristas. I handled customer grievances day-to-day. During lunch we would see about 1,000 to 1,500 faces. I would say this was our most busy period of the day.

    • Head jock / jock
    • deja vu // Oct '99 - Feb '12
    • I worked for dream girls and Deja Vu nite club most of my adult life here and there. I made great tips working at night. I had a lot of fun working with the ladies. I listened too my favorite tunes on a daily. I provided organization of the club for my employer. I advertised throughout the nite for the club. I scheduled jock shifts for my boss weekly.

    • Chauffeur
    • Bell-Trans // Nov '13 - Feb '17 (3 Years, 3 Months)
    • I started out driving a sedan for my first vehicle at Bell-Trans. Bell-transportation was a great driving experience.

    • Customer Service
    • Convention Staffing Solutions
    • Consulting/Business Services
      CSS provides proactive, energetic and customer-service-centric personnel and related solutions for the tradeshow industry. We provide staff in Las Vegas, NV as well as throughout California. We also provide TD-level support nationwide!





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