Are Niche Job Boards for You?

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You may have pondered the idea of jumping onto a niche job board to conduct your searches but wonder if it's good for you. While everyone is definitely different in their approach to conducting a job search, when comparing the niche job board to larger boards that spread across all industries, the answer to whether it's good for you is yes!

If you want more details as to why the niche job board is a good option for just about every job seeker, here are some reasons to consider:

Sometimes Large Job Boards Are Too Broad

While it is undoubtedly beneficial to use numerous tools available to you while job seeking, you might notice that some tools are not as helpful as others. In the case of the larger job boards that cover all industries, you may have a difficult time being found by recruiters who have to sort through many applicants.

By using a niche job board, you have the opportunity to look for jobs and be exposed to recruiters in a smaller environment. You know for sure that the jobs you're looking for are directly related to your profession, and recruiters can find you more easily because the number of seekers who have posted resumes is fewer.

You May Locate Opportunities Not Found Elsewhere

Some job seekers are surprised to discover that jobs offered on niche job boards are oftentimes not found elsewhere. This is because some hiring managers are not interested in posting on a larger job board, then sifting through applications that are not targeted to the job.

Their success rate is often better when they utilize a niche job board that deters candidates who are not really focused on the industry. So they post jobs in this setting and nowhere else.

Hiring Managers Sometimes List Personal Contact Information

Very often, hiring managers don't post their direct contact information on larger job boards because they don't want to be bombarded with calls and e-mails. But on smaller niche job boards, you may find that a hiring manager will allow you to e-mail your resume directly to him or her versus routing you to a generic application. This gives you the opportunity to engage in more intimate communication throughout the application process.

The good news is that there are more and more niche job boards cropping up that cater to just about any industry you can think of. So if you think participating on one is for you, then now is the time to jump on board!


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  • Shirley Pircher
    Shirley Pircher
    Can you give an example of a niche board and where does one go to find such a website?
  • carol roach
    carol roach
    How do I find a niche board for LPN or nurse manager positions?
  • Mara Collazo
    Mara Collazo
    Where do I find a niche job board for Radiology Management professionals? Mara
  • Patricia Kinney
    Patricia Kinney
    Thankyou for the timely information on niche jobs.
  • Sharon Sparks
    Sharon Sparks
    Can you give some examples of "niche job boards"?
  • Barbara
    Where does one go to find such a website?
  • Tim
    This is perhaps one of the biggest hints I've found in my recent jobsearch. I've been limiting myself to trying to find a physical job in my rather unique location (of which I have had utterly no success); but if there are global niche boards out there I may just find what I'm looking for: a purely online job that fits my skillset perfectly!Thanks for the heads up. It may just steer me in a better direction!
  • Jamillah Hasan-Jones
    Jamillah Hasan-Jones
    I think as a job seeker that is very encouraging and it may be a more efficient way to reach a win win for both the future employee and employer.

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