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Julie Shenkman
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Technology has completely changed the way members of human resources departments do their jobs. Whether you use resume-screening software in recruiting or an automated system to process payroll, new technology often makes it easier and less time-consuming to perform common HR duties. One of the drawbacks of new technology, however, is the amount of time you must spend monitoring trends and deciding which systems to implement. Several technology trends will be playing a greater role in the human resources field in 2014.

Human resources department members use gamification to engage employees. Gamification—the use of game design principles in other contexts—involves the use of commercial platforms that encourage employees to interact and solve problems together. The concept is similar to the use of leaderboards to spur competition among salespeople, but it applies to a broader range of human resources functions. You can use gamification to enhance your training, recruitment, performance management, and sourcing efforts. Microsoft, Siemens AG, and SAP AG are just a few of the companies using this technology to increase productivity and recruit talented employees.

Many salespeople are familiar with cloud computing because they use Salesforce to manage customer data, but cloud technology is something the members of your human resources department should also learn about. While storing employee data on the cloud is an alternative to purchasing expensive software systems, you must work with employees in other departments to ensure your data is secure. Cloud computing is especially useful for large organizations with multiple locations. A cloud solution puts data in a central location, making it accessible to all members of your human resources department. Cloud applications make it easier to track applicants, create reports, maintain resume databases, and perform payroll calculations.

Mobile technology will continue to have a big impact on your human resources department in 2014. Mobile applications allow recruiters, trainers, compensation analysts, and other human resources professionals to access the information they need at any time, increasing productivity and making the HR department more efficient. Apps used by HR professionals include ADP Mobile Solutions, Kronos Workforce Mobile, Workday for iPad, BizX Mobile, and Yammer. ADP Mobile Solutions lets employees clock in and out, submit requests for time off, view pay stubs, and review their retirement account balances right from their mobile phones. In 2014, these applications will continue to change the way you interact with employees and other HR professionals.

Technology has made it possible for the basic personnel function to evolve into the strategic human resources function, giving HR professionals more input at the corporate level. As you look for ways to cut costs and increase efficiency, consider implementing one of these solutions. Doing so will change the way your human resources department operates and make it easier to perform all of the duties in your job description.

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