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Eager to enter the ranks of administrative professionals? Want to advance your career if you’re already working in the field of administration?  Consider joining the Association of Executive and Administrative Professionals (AEAP). 

Whether you’re an administrative assistant, executive secretary, executive assistant, legal assistant, office manager, or other administrative professional, AEAP offers a number of benefits for career minded individuals.

The membership association helps administrative professionals enjoy a successful career, offering access to a variety of benefits designed to develop you professionally and to aid in your career advancement.

When you join AEAP, you become connected to a dynamic network of professionals that will keep you informed of the latest advances and changes in professional practice and technology. They offer a variety of educational programs and promote an interchange of ideas among fellow administrative professionals.  

Benefits include access to their administrative job bank if you're looking to change jobs. You’ll learn what admin positions are paying with their salary survey. You’ll also be invited to attend their annual conference that visits a different location each year. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in their admin forums to exchange information with your peers. And there’s also their informative Executary newsletter to keep you up to speed on the latest happenings in the field of administration. 

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  • Douglas C
    Douglas C
    Sound good, need to know more.
  • Eileen J M
    Eileen J M
    info helpful re association.  Always helpful to add possible networking info, especially in areas where not only jobs are scarce but ideas for resources to reach out to are also scarce.  Thanks

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